Friday, May 9, 2014

Surreal Flora from Isabelle Menin

When I spotted one of these images on Pinterest earlier this week, I immediately knew I had to track down the artist and was delighted to discover artist Isabelle Menin had numerous other works in her incredible series of flower imagery. Before I tell you a little more about her, go ahead and get lost looking at the amazing detail 
and surreal texture in her work. 
What's even more astounding to discover is that all of her images are digital photography. Yes, you read that right...she creates layers and layers of texture and flowers and light and then subtly manipulates each image in post-production until you get what you see before you now. Ms. Menin is also a vocal proponent of color, admitting a fascination with the sensual possibilities in color that are not conveyed in black and white. 
There's subtle messaging to be found throughout her work, too, and one interviewer even made a connection with fairy tales. Ms. Menin agreed, saying to her fairy tales are the transition from smoothness to crookedness, the swing from light to darkness, the revelation of a different reality through gloom. I don't know about you, but I could easily spend an afternoon entranced by her work.
All images via Isabelle Menin's website. To read a little more on her processes and philosophy, click here!