Friday, September 19, 2014

Easy Denim

No matter how much I protest, it seems fall weather is pretty determined to swoop in on us. As I write this, I'm wearing a sweater (!) layered over a silk blouse with jeans, and this morning I even had on a jacket. Ugh. Let's take it easy, weather (pretty please).
I've become pretty comfortable with the fact I'm a jeans-girl. Sure, I love a great dress, printed pant or even a skirt, but when I'm lazy and, more often than not, running short on time, denim is easy. I have several pairs I can dress up with a nice boot and top as needed, but I'm usually pretty casual both on weekends and in the office. I've been picking out more and more pairs in recent years with distressing—something I avoided as a teenager, since I was pretty good at wearing my jeans til they got holes in them myself and didn't need assistance from a factory. Now that I'm able to invest in a little higher quality and spend most of my days at a desk, I don't mind a few frays and holes.
While boyfriend styles have become my go-to lately (I live in this pair from Gap; also love this wash and these Rag & Bone's), I wanted to get a patch-inspired pair after reading this interview with Eva Chen. I love the silhouette of these Greywire's (a high-quality and affordable denim line in collaboration with Elie Tahari!) and they're the perfect intro to the patchwork trend without looking too retro.
Zara Blouse || Greywire Patchwork Jeans || Sole Society Carla Satchel || Illesteva Sunglasses

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

White After Labor Day

September, man…

Halfway through, and yet it feels like we just got going. What started as an unintentional hiatus here turned intentional after a few days. It was a hard decision to make, consciously letting go of the content I'd been trying to build up and ignore the numbers in favor of focusing on my personal and professional lives outside this space, but it was necessary.

Now that I'm ready to dive back in, I'm also working on creating some new content outside of "hey, here's what I was wearing when I did ________ over the weekend" much as I love a pretty outfit picture, I know that I love coming to blogs to discover new and exciting things and I hope to be able to bring more of that to this space! Stay tuned. In the mean time, here's a "hey, here's what I wore to NYFW and my Zappos Recharge event weekend before last" post ;) 
While I've been stepping back from NYFW in recent seasons now that I don't attend quite as much for work, it's still impossible to avoid completely...but this season I think I found the perfect mix of meet-ups, events, shows and downtime (note to self: next time, don't get back from a trip 36 hours before it all starts and it'll go even smoother!). Breaking chronological order here, this look is from Sunday, when I spent the day catching up with a girlfriend over brunch at a new-to-us spot in the West Village, swinging by a presentation downtown and heading up to Lincoln Center to host a style session at the Zappos Recharge booth. If you dropped by to say hello, thank you!! It was a ton of fun, the Zappos team is a blast to hang out with (and I was majorly coveting all the pieces they had on set, natch).
I've already broken the no-white-after-Labor-Day rule multiple times, but I've never been very good at following rules in the first place. On my last night at home, my mom and I were clearing out an old closet (saying goodbye to all my school formal dresses...a little sorry I don't have pics from that for a good laugh, but there is a great one at the bottom of this post!) and we came across a few silk skirt-suits of hers from the 80's. She said she'd never wear them again and they luckily fit me (a little tightly), so I stuffed my suitcase to fit them in! This skirt is from one set, with the jacket, it's a little Victorian/older Chanel looking and I opted to dress it down thanks to the hot temps and my supreme laziness (sorry, mom!). 
And, just for fun…if you've ever wondered what fashion bloggers are like when they're taking pictures of themselves, on, the street, so we can post pictures of ourselves on the Internet…well, I can't answer for everyone else, but I can tell you I get pretty ridiculous. If I haven't seen the person taking my pictures in a while, I use it as an opportunity to play catch-up. Which means about 65% of the photos end up with me looking ridiculous. I'd guess another 15% of the time I'm doing things like the below, which is what happens when I'm tired and…gesturing? Walking like an Egyptian? Auditioning for Wheel of Fortune (Vanna White retired, right)? At this point, even I don't know.

P.S.—if you want to see more outfit outtakes, let me know in the comments!
Photos by Emily Tozer

Friday, September 5, 2014

Fall Plaid + NYFW Details

You guys, it's September. If you're in denial about the unofficial end of summer, don't worry, I'm right there with you. Acknowledging it means the true end of summer is fast approaching (just over two weeks away!) and I know how winter likes to rush in and ruin everything. In the meantime, though, us NY'ers are using NYFW as one big distraction, and the weather has been hot and humid to match.
Usually, I start prepping and planning for September fashion week about two months in advance (this is the sixth NYFW season I've participated in!), cleaning up some of my press documents and getting on the radar of a few fashion PR agencies, getting an idea of what I'll want to wear and whether said item is already in my closet. This year has been a tad different after spending so much time away recently for my sister's wedding and a few things on the job-related front, but what I really love most about NYFW in September are the events and chance to catch up with so many friends who travel in to town. 
In between some other shows and events this weekend, I'm really excited to announce I'll be hosting a styling session with Zappos at their Zappos Recharge station, directly across from Lincoln Center, on Sunday from 2:30-3p! If you're in the city (even if you're not attending shows that day) please come by and say hi! If you are attending shows and need a break this weekend, Zappos Recharge is the place to be…they'll have fresh Blueprint juices, charging stations for all your electronics (especially important if your phone is anything like mine!), beauty and braid bars to touch up your look, a dress-up closet, runway and photo booth, from 10a-7p on Saturday and 2-7p on Sunday.
You also may spot me in this Joie skirt sometime this weekend…Zappos carries over a dozen designers that show during fashion week, and since plaid is a huge trend for fall I jumped at the chance to add a fun plaid mini to my closet. It took me a few tries to make sure I didn't look too school-girl in the rest of my look (especially since I really insist on wearing sneakers as much as possible) but I've got a few tricks up my sleeve for styling it now.
Bite Beauty Lipstick in Violet || Sequin and Baublebar Bracelets

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Link Love + Labor Day Deals

Raise your (virtual) hand if you're having trouble coming to terms with the fact that summer is essentially over after this weekend. I couldn't resist using a summery pic, one last time, before it's on to fall fashion and then the holidays before I can even bat an eyelash (no, seriously, the end of the year always moves way too fast). Keeping this post short and sweet, because I've been home in Iowa all week for my sister's wedding—which is today!—and I'm about to dash off for our last few errands before the festivities get going. The wedding is at her house in the country, so there'll be plenty of shenanigans (hop over to instagram to see what kind of trouble I get into), but first I wanted to leave you with a few links from around the web and my favorite of the Labor Day deals this weekend!

Have you seen this hilarious piece where kids rate the Fall '14 fashion campaigns?

Harper's Bazaar has pretty much rounded up my fall (wish list) wardrobe right here.

Did you catch Kelly's insanely cool Flash Tattoos editorial last week?

If curling iron sizes confuse you (I never know which one to use for the waves I picture in my head), this infographic has you covered.

I'm not traveling for Labor Day weekend but I bookmarked Goop's last minute-getaway hotels anyways—hopefully I'll get to make a trip to one soon.

This Buzzfeed story on private islands in Nicaragua was completely fascinating (I spent another hour searching the web for additional stories on some of the people and places mentioned!).

And, finally, some of my favorite Labor Day sales:
Baublebar has a ton of great pieces, STARTING at 50% off!
Get 15% off everything at Furbish Studios with code ENDOFSUMMER.
Take 15% off everything—including current-season styles—at Loeffler Randall with code LABORDAY.
Final sale at J. Crew is an extra 40% off with code WEEKEND (I just got another pair of these chambray pants).
Take 20% off at Tibi on select fall styles with code HELLOFALL.

*image via late afternoon