Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Style Never Stops

Earlier this spring, the team at Reebok invited me to stop by their pop-up stand in NYC to check out their newest shoe release, the Skyscape Runaround. I'd just left SoulCycle so I showed up already in fitness mode, albeit a bit of a sweaty mess.
Skyscapes were designed to be both stylish and comfortable, and they really hit the nail on the head. I'm sure you've seen a commercial by now, where Miranda Kerr runs all around town from errand to errand, coming home to hop in the shower and nearly forgetting to take her shoes off…well, I don't know if I'd say that I forget I'm wearing them, but I definitely find myself reaching for them day after day. They actually haven't made it in an official outfit post to date despite me wearing them frequently because I kind of got them a tad dirty, they need a good deep-clean before their first photoshoot, ha! You can see the color I picked out above, a light minty green with a white sole. I've since changed the laces to be a matching green instead of white. 
I rarely step out of the house without numerous compliments and questions about them, which usually leads to me making people feel the shoe. The upper part (that surrounds your foot) is made of flexible, seamless foam. There are padded areas around the heel so that the shoe doesn't rub—I've worn mine for upwards of 12 hours a day before without absolutely no rubbing. I would recommend sizing down a half size from normal since the foam does stretch and conform to your foot, mine are a 7.5 instead of my usual size 8! Also, since they're completely made of foam and light rubber, they're machine washable, and the breathable material dries overnight! Definitely a key selling point for someone like me who trashes everything no matter how hard I try not to. 
Although I should really invest in a pair of black Runarounds because of the aforementioned ability to spill on and get everything I own dirty, when I discovered the "design your own" option I immediately started playing around and now have nearly half a dozen different designs saved. Before you even glance at the next photo, I'm sure you could guess that I'm rather partial to the blue. There are 10 colors total that you can apply to the base, piping, logos, sole, tongue, laces etc. and they're just a fraction more than buying a pre-designed pair, at $80 vs. $65. I personally have plans to scoop up a custom-designed blue pair for fun, and the previously mentioned all-black for days when I know they're just going to get dirty.
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*This post is NOT sponsored by Reebok aside from the c/o Skyscapes at top! I just really love my sneakers.

Friday, August 15, 2014


Happy Friday! Or, as I'm starting to call it, the start of the weekend where I try not to lose my mind. Just over a week from now, I'll be hopping on a plane home for 12 days—which sounds relaxing, but the reality is there's a lot I have to accomplish before I go (the least of which are laundry, packing, and cleaning up my apartment!), a bridal shower and bachelorette party that I'm hosting 12 hours after I land, and the start of NYFW 36 hours after I get back to NYC. Which is why I'm all about moments when I get to step back and relax for a minute...
I took my last summer Friday of the year last week (which makes it feel even more like fall in my head than this cooler weather we're having right now) and headed for the UES to grab lunch with Ashley. We headed to a quiet restaurant with tables lined up in the shade outdoors and spent some time just catching up, de-stressing from the week, and walking over to get some fro-yo after and meander to the park, where we nabbed a bench in the sunshine and gabbed a while longer. And, yes, I'm wholly aware I just used the words "meander" and "gabbed" in the same sentence…my brain must already be on Iowa-mode, ha!
Funny little story about this dress…I saw it at the beginning of the season when I was browsing new arrivals, but it faded from memory til last month when it popped back up on MAJOR sale on most sites. I kept debating whether I wanted to pull the trigger since it was still a tad pricey, but got an email one afternoon from the only site that still had my size in stock saying their sale section was ending that night. I got home shortly after midnight and hopped on my computer 20 minutes later…but the sale section was gone! So, naturally, at one a.m. I was writing emails to their customer service and even called when I discovered they had a 24-hour customer service line, but there was nothing they could do. A deeper Google search finally lead me to the last site to have just ONE in stock, in my size. Fate, right? Especially when it was $20 cheaper than everywhere else I'd seen it!
My co-workers have taken to calling it my "superhero dress" thanks to the cape-like overlay on the back. I personally love it for the simple fact it's a little unique and incredibly flattering. I've dressed it up with a chunky heel, and wore it like you see here to work last week with an edgier ankle boot.
Italia Independent Sunglasses || Sequin Jewelry Necklace || Michael Kors Watch

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Beach Day

It seems like a cruel twist that as I write this, the skies outside my window are dark and the air is cool, but just two days ago it was what I think is universally referred to as "the perfect day"—85, light humidity, a breeze in the air and hardly a cloud in the sky. Which meant the only logical thing to do was load up a friend's car and head out to Jones Beach.
Getting there was an ordeal…we'd originally been planning on the weekend before, but bad weather ruined that one for us and we were dying to get out in the ocean one last time before summer ends. Thankfully, postponing a week brought us three straight days of heavenly weather and the chance to use my friend's car instead of a rented Zipcar. A godsend, if you will, because about 10 minutes out from the beach as we cruised along at about 10 miles an hour, we got rear-ended! I'll spare you the long story except to say that no one was seriously injured (I've been nursing a headache for a couple days and a touch of soreness in my neck; my other friends in the backseat also hit their heads) and the car suffered minimal damage; the worst parts were the occupants of the other car trying to make small-talk with us and getting to the beach an hour and a half later than we'd planned. All worth it once we arrived, though!
We try to pack beach days in to as many weekends as possible, but somehow much of this summer escaped before any truly solid days could be had—until Sunday, that is. The Rockaways are a great option if you don't have a car  available, but they can get crowded and the water's a touch dirtier than you'd probably want to admit while there; the nearly 2-hour subway ride in your swimsuit is considerably less fun than a quick 45-minute car ride to the cleaner beaches of Long Island, too. The sparkling blue hues struck us as soon as we crossed the sand, and I think my friend & I made it all of 15 minutes before we were in the water. The beach towel above wins for my new favorite beach accessory, though—huge, soft, and a giant whale of an image of a presumed old New Yorker cover! It took me an embarrassingly long time to get a beach towel (ahem, this is my first) out here and stop taking my bath towels with me...especially considering this one's super affordable ;)
Getting knocked on my ass by a HUGE wave…still not sure if I should be thankful my friend was there to capture the aftermath!
And, of course, what good is a beach day if you don't say a little thanks to the sun and sea gods after a long soak in the ocean? There are no more beach trips on my calendar in what's left of summer, but I'm hopeful we get a beautiful season next year.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Link Love

Another week down! August is really putting them away quick, in two short weeks I'll be back in Iowa, closing out the summer with a wedding…and probably putting away as many $3 gin-and-tonic's as I safely can before I come back to the land of hey-this-drink-is-ONLY-$10 (friends at home, now accepting applications for my DD for the week). Anyways, I digress. This weekend is going to be all about sunshine, friends and sandy beaches, including a day trip to Jones Beach on Sunday...starting with my last summer Friday of the year. Is it 2p yet?

Spent way too long enjoying these Benedict Cumberbatch memes....and in case you haven't see it, what's his name again?

I can already tell I'll want to live in this sweatshirt dress come fall—on its own while temps hold, and layered with thick tights and a blazer once they drop.

Your dose of gorgeousness for the day.
A cute, classic carry-all for fall.

My friends & I are brunch fanatics—all the more reason to check out the 10 or so places I haven't tried yet on Refinery29's NYC brunch list!

J. Crew's Maren sandals have quickly become my go-to for every outfit (bonus: they're (well) made in Italy!).

Loved this interview with Jody Williams (you may know her as the chef of Buvette in NYC!).

My Steve Madden backpack is sold out—but I'm digging this faux-leather update for fall!

The skirt I'll be dreaming about all fall.

This video makes my hometown pride flair up.