Friday, October 31, 2014

Denim Doing Good

Have you heard about Rialto Jean Project yet? No? Well, that should change—stat. RJP is a sustainable jean project that donates a portion of their sales to benefit children's art programs…specifically, the Children's Hospital Los Angeles and New York Presbyterian Child Life Services, which use their art programs to help children learn to cope with their hospitalization and illness by expressing themselves  through a variety of art forms and therapies (the Children's Hospital says it best—read about their programs here). 
I can't exactly remember how I first stumbled across RJP—I have a feeling it could have been through Jean Stories, a really great denim blog, or any other number of sites I work my way through during the day, but I know I was hooked right away. It's not exactly a secret that I don't shy away from color (although my wardrobe has gotten more neutral-friendly over the last year) and I'm often found in a great jean whenever possible, so I love the vibrant, paint-splattered palette. Erin Feniger, the creator of RJP, selects high-quality vintage jeans (think Levi's, Gap, Paige, 7 for All Mankind etc.) in a variety of washes and styles, from traditional blue flares to pink skinnies and distressed boyfriends. The jeans run between $200-$245, and if you're in NYC you can see even more styles at their pop-up shop at 206 Front Street in South Street Seaport.
Thinking I need to get a boyfriend style first. Which pair is your favorite?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Indian Summer

Today's post is an homage to the weather, while we all nervously await the arrival of colder weather this weekend (only 45º on Saturday…I don't want to think about it).
Here in NYC, we're going to hit a high near 70 (!) for the day. While that's not quite like a summer 70, where the sun feels warm and you could even break a small sweat, I'll take it. Today's IRL look includes a sleeveless black maxi tee dress with a light sweater layered on top, but I'm nostalgic for a few weekends back when temps neared 80 and I was able to head out in my favorite chambray pants and a lightweight (ahem, slightly sheer) tank for a day of brunch and rooftop hangs in Brooklyn. After today, I think it'll be time to say goodbye to bare legs 'til next spring, and start looking toward my next adventure…London! That's all I've got for today, as I've got to dash out the door for a work conference (well, really I have plenty of time, but it'd be a waste of a day if I miss the free coffee/breakfast part…that's like, at least half the reason I agree to go to these things).

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

East Hampton Getaway

I'm having a bit of déjà vu as I write this post and can hear the rain falling outside my window…earlier this fall, a few friends and I had decided a trip was in order mid-October, and the morning we left it was raining, and continued straight through mid-afternoon! We'd been thinking about heading upstate, since I've enjoyed all the trips I've taken somewhere up there each fall so far, but after our Saturday in beautiful Montauk (during which we discovered it is 100% legal to have a bonfire on the beach!) we opted for a cabin the Hamptons instead.
The rain definitely tried to put a damper on Saturday, but we opted to get set up at our cute little cabin then walk into town for a long (late-ish) brunch after we got settled. We were just there for two days and I had to head straight to my office on Sunday, so I packed very light—a few sweaters and a tee for layering, sweats to sleep in and my new favorite slip-on sneakers, since I knew we'd be walking around a lot. By the time we wrapped brunch, the rain had stopped, so we strolled around town and popped in a few shops, eventually making our way down to the beach to scope out a set-up for our beach bonfire.
We headed back to town to pick up wine ahem, supplies and snacks and got back to the beach around sunset, getting set up and our fire going right before sundown. Thanks to the drearier afternoon, there wasn't much of a show, but we lucked out and got two of a different kind a little bit later. We started toasting s'mores and I put on Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue...moments later, we noticed fireworks down the coast near Montauk! If you haven't listened to it, Rhapsody in Blue is nearly 17 minutes long—the fireworks lasted the entire song and then some. As if the night couldn't get any more spectacular, as we burned the last of our firewood and scoped out the night sky for constellations, a huge blood moon rose to the east.
Sunday morning, we rose to a clear, crisp and beautiful day. I rarely get an opportunity to cook for a crowd, so I whipped up Challah French Toast and scrambled eggs, accompanied by copious amounts of coffee on the porch to counteract the previous night's wine. I was sad to see the weekend come to an end so quickly, but we're already itching for another trip back next summer!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Firsts | Giving In

This post contains a few firsts—both for the season and in my life.
I'm a big believer in getting fully dressed for the day before leaving my apartment, no matter what I'm doing (unless I'm heading straight to the gym/a workout, and let's be honest—that's rare). I don't mean full makeup and a planned head-to-toe look, but I rule out sweatpants, college-looking sweatshirts & tees, any type of true running sneaker, yoga clothing, etc., and I have a few reasons behind this—first and foremost, I think how you look directly reflects on your mood. When I'm at home, still in sweats at 2 pm on a Saturday I'm way less likely to get much done than if I pull on jeans and a nice tee. Secondly, I think how you dress says a lot about you to other people, and makes a first impression just as much, if not more, than when you open your mouth. Thirdly, I have the worst luck at running into exes/guys I've been out with on the street/subway/bars/on the street while eating French Fries a friend and I had tucked in our bags after too much wine (that's an embarrassingly true story, but at least I wasn't alone!). 
So, as I donned a full sweater-and-boots look for the first chillier fall weekend last week, I did something else…I wore leggings as pants. 99.9% of the time I'm against this look, usually because the people I see them on wear them too tight, or they're to sheer, or their shirt is too short. The pair I have on here have a faux-leather panel down the side of the leg, with thick fabric and a high waist (!), which I paired with a long silk blouse and layered with an equally long sweater. While I haven't convinced myself to add a lot of pairs to my wardrobe yet, the look is growing on me—as long as it's paired with a long top! What are your thoughts on leggings-as-pants?
Though you can't see them much in the photos above, I had to snap a close-up of my nails because I was pretty proud of myself. I'd done this mani two or three days before these photos, but I'm usually so hard on my nails that it chips badly within a day or two—this time it held up! I put on two full coats of polish, waited a few minutes for it to get dry, then dipped a small makeup brush in glitter and dabbed it into the tips, spreading it up a little to give the glitter a "scattered" look. Since glitter can make your nails rough, the key is plenty of topcoat. I usually do two additional clear coats to seal it on, et voila! Starry night nails.

Photos: Emily Tozer