Friday, June 28, 2013

Hello, Weekend!

I don't know that I've ever been more happy for a Friday to finally get here-it has been one long week, going from hot & sunny Mexico to hot & rainy NYC & barely knowing what day it is. On top of that, I was unlucky enough to get sick the morning I had to fly back, had both my flights get delayed and literally walked up to my connecting one and saw them close the door (they let me on, but I had to gatecheck my bag-ugh). Follow all that with heading straight to work early the next morning, and I'm ready for a weekend of relaxation. I'll be back next week with all my adventures from Mexico (including one very beautiful bride and what I wore to the wedding!). 

In the meantime, here's a little of what's caught my eye since my return to the Internet this week:

House of Gray Malin Photography released a summer parks series focused on NYC and Chicago. How cool is that aerial shot of Coney Island, above?

Did you miss a guest post while I was gone? Don't worry, you can read all the posts from my fab contributors here.

This picnic over on 100 Layer Cake looks incredible-I'm in love with the setting and the idea. Hoping to recreate it on a beach somewhere out here this summer!

In case you missed it, Anna Wintour broke her Twitter silence.

The amazing Baublebar necklace I picked up at their SoHo shop is now available online-& it's only $36!

A very thorough review of the Jawbone UP.

One of my favorite jewelry companies, The 2 Bandits, released their Holiday 2013 Lookbook last week. Already obsessing over the opals.

It's time to get my butt back in shape after a lazy start to summer-definitely incorporating these plank exercises from Verily magazine.

I went to a Lo & Sons trunk show last fall & fell in love with the OG bag in Plum, but they've been out of stock. They told me about Sky Blue coming in the summer, and now it's available! I just used my gift card to buy one-can't wait to get it!

The WGSN tumblr is full of fashion inspiration, & free to everyone (unlike the site).

I'm on a serious mission to bring my shoe collection to the next level, and these metallic ASOS heels are the perfect summer sandal.

Refinery29 makes getting older look GOOD with their 50 & Awesome: Women Who Inspire article.

I can't wait to try Honestly...WTF's DIY Wrap Bangle tutorial. Super easy & a great summer accessory.

Enjoy your weekend! Share what caught your eye over the last few weeks with me below-I have some serious Internet catch-up to play!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dream Home: Styled Entryway

I've been living in NYC for nearly two years and have been blessed to not have to deal with moving (yet). While there are some really great things about my current apartment like its overall size, a VERY large balcony, great location, an open layout & non-white walls, there are also some downsides like my closet-sized bedroom, not to mention there being only one large-ish closet for four people. 

Another thing I lament is not having a true entryway to style. My roommates have given me pretty free reign over all design and decoration, and while we have a long hallway upon entering (that I will be slowly turning into a gallery wall over the course of the summer), the door also immediately opens into our kitchen and living room. I wish there were room for a small table or some arrangement of chairs, but instead I'm drawing inspiration from other entryways and adding it to my lust list for my next place! I love the juxtaposition of chevron bricks with a velvet couch, or clean white walls with dark wood, tall windows & doors. What's on your home lust list?

*images 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nantucket Musts: Kelly in the City

Hello, fashionistas! My name is Kelly Larkin, and I run the New York City-based blog Kelly in the City. I've been a big fan of Blonde in the City for a while now (also love its name!), so I'm super excited and flattered to be guest blogging today. As Rose is away on vacation (so jealous!), what better to talk about than favorite getaway spots?!

My favorite vacation location is Nantucket. I'm obsessed. I've been visiting the tiny island for years, as my cousins live there during the summer. It's a beautiful, quaint little community that, in my opinion, every preppy girl should visit at least once! It's one of the only places I've ever been where it's totally acceptable--encouraged, even--to wear Lilly Pulitzer and Jack Rogers on a daily basis. The island really has its own dress code. Wear anything bright, monogrammed or nautical-themed, and you're good to go.
Getting to Nantucket can be a little difficult, but I find that this is part of the island's allure. Think ferries and tiny prop planes. When you step off that ferry or plane, though, all the trouble seems worth it. You're greeted by stunning lighthouses, cobble stone streets, and shingled cottages and mansions.

Besides spending a ton of time on the beach, I recommend the following activities:

1. Visit Brant Point Lighthouse: It's Nantucket's most iconic. From its base, you'll have sweeping views of harbor. Gorgeous! Bring a camera.

2. Have dinner at the Jetties Restaurant: This is my favorite restaurant on the island. I might be a little biased because my cousins work there as waitresses, but seriously. Go. It offers a casual and fun atmosphere right on Jetties Beach, and it won't break the bank. You can even have drinks in the sand while you wait for your table! I can't wait for my cousins to get married because I'm sure one of them will have her reception there. It's beautiful! Amazing lobster pizza, too.

3. Go off-roading in an SUV on the beach to visit Great Point Lighthouse and see the seals: While you need a permit to do this--and you need to deflate your tires--off-roading is incredible on Nantucket. If you're renting a car, try to get a Jeep Wrangler so you can take the top down. When you get to the end of Great Point, climb the lighthouse for breathtaking views of the entire island. You'll see tons of seals, too! Great Point is their favorite hangout spot on the island. 

4. Visit Cisco BreweryThis place is so much fun. Go on a warm day, and take the dog. The outside brewery offers live music, a ton of original beers, and transportation! This can't be missed. Unless, of course, you're under 21. ;)

5. Go shopping in town: I could do this every day. ;) I love downtown Nantucket. The cobblestone streets are so cute, and the stores are brimming with preppyness. Some of my favorites are In the Pink (carries a wide assortment of Lilly Pulitzer), Skirtin' AroundC.Wonder (a popup), Vis-a-VisMurray's Toggery ShopAddison CraigPeter BeatonThe Blue BeatleVineyard Vines and The Black Dog. (But there are tons more!)

Anyway, at some point--visit Nantucket... and get your prep on. You won't be disappointed!



Monday, June 24, 2013

Seasonless Separates: Corals + Cogancs

Hi there, blog readers! Hallie from the New York-based life and style blog corals + cognacs here to share one of my favorite seasonless separates with you today.
Since it's inception (into my closet), I've become increasingly reliant on my lightweight cropped denim jacket from Joe's Jeans.
Why, you might ask? It’s classic, versatile and looks great on all body shapes and sizes. 
Just ask Jessica -- New York's unofficial resident jean jacket whore -- a denim jacket is the goes-with-anything closet staple. Jeans, skirts, dresses; to work, on vacation (lucky you, Rose!), for a night out, you name it.  Better yet, it’s machine washable!
I wear it with… A pretty pencil skirt, bright white jeans or a chic summer dress.
For deets on these looks and more, come visit me over at corals + cognacs.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Vacation Essentials: Liz of Eldy's Pocket

Hi Blonde in This City readers, Liz here from Eldy’s Pocket, so excited to be posting over here today while Rose is on vacation!

When Rose approached me about writing a travel related guest post and started with you can choose anywhere in the world, money doesn’t matter kind of dream vacation, my mind was immediately racing with thoughts of where I would go. My ideal vacation is equal parts culture and relaxation.  I’ve always wanted to explore the Mediterranean coast so after a few Google searches, I landed on the island of Ibiza, an island in the Mediterranean Sea about 80 miles from Valencia.  Even though I'm currently daydreaming about Europe, these are a few of my travel essentials for any beach vacation.

1. A couple of nips. These little guys are less than 3 oz. so you can toss one or two into your cosmetics carryon to ease in flight nerves or loosen up before landing. Try to think about what will be available to mix with like vodka with cran or Jack and Coke. 

2. Noise Canceling Headphones. A new playlist and some noise canceling or reducing headphones are an absolute must for me while traveling. There is nothing worse than a crying baby on a long flight. 

3. A travel journal or Notebook. I like to have a notebook to jot down ideas (you never know when inspiration will strike!), directions, recommendations or memories. These kate spade ones are too cute!

4. Nail Polish. Whether I get a mani before vacation starts or do it myself, I always like to pack the color I’m wearing for any mid-vacation touch ups. Chipped polish is the worst. I’m currently loving all shades of coral for summer.

5. A lightweight moisturizer with sunscreen. Perricone MD Photo Plasma is super lightweight and feels luxurious on your skin. It also creates a protective shield between your face and the sun and wind. With 30 SPF broad-spectrum protection, this is a great moisturizer for skin that’s going to be on the beach all day.

6. Kiehl’s Deeply Restorative Hair Oil. A couple days of sun, wind and salt water your hair will need a little TLC.  This hair oil helps restore shine and reduce frizz. Plus, the plastic bottle is easy to toss in your beach bag!

7. Beach tote. Call me crazy, but I rarely bring any of my favorite handbags on vacation with me. I prefer a larger, durable bag for toting through the airport. This J. Crew tote is a great, inexpensive option for both the airport and the beach.  

8. A hat. I like to throw on a hat to hide bed head for an early flight and keep the sun off my face while at the beach. Words of advice, pack a smaller hat that you could put in your carry on if you get sick of wearing it. While floppy hats are awesome for the beach, they aren't as easy to travel with.

9. A versatile cover up. Since luggage space is valuable, I like to pack items that can do double duty.  Transitional pieces like a cover up that's also suitable to wear as a dress is perfect for laying out in the morning and shopping in the afternoon.

This has been a lot of fun and I'm sure I'm not the only one who is craving a beach vacation now. What are you travel essentials? Feel free to stop by and visit Eldy's Pocket

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vacation Essentials: Mae Badiyan

Hey girls! Mae Badiyan here, so happy to be taking over while my favorite Blonde is living it up on vacation! One of my most favorite trips was a couple years ago to the island of Capri for my cousin's wedding. Stunningly gorgeous doesn't even begin to describe this tiny little island. Although I had visited mainland Italy several times, nothing prepared me for the beauty in this enchanting place. It feels like a small village, where everyone knows your name, yet the charm of Europe is mixed with the chill vibe only a town by the water can have. It's amazing. Besides the usual beach and vacation items, I've rounded up a couple other essentials I think you'd need for your visit to Capri. 

One of the most important is flowy white linen pants. They are cool and comfortable, and transition well from daytime wear to a nice dinner on the town. White linen is crisp and classy. I also loved wearing mine as a swimsuit cover up, perfect for going straight off the yacht to walking around town. Of course you'll need your aviators and a big floppy hat because you are in Europe after all. I kept my beauty routine very simple. Even though I went for a wedding, I literally only wore liquid bronzer and mascara the whole time. It's amazing what you can get away with when you're tan. I love the bronze shimmer of Nars Body Glow (I use it everywhere, even on my cheeks) and my absolute favorite mascara is Loreal Voluminous. You can add a swipe of rose-colored gloss for evenings out. I think a summer scarf is essential because depending on time of year, there's a cool breeze coming off the water. Plus, it makes an adorable accessory in your hair or tied on your bag. As I mentioned, you'll be doing a lot of walking. I don't really remember seeing any taxis on the island and it's so small, it's easy to walk everywhere. Make sure you've got your fancy flip flops with ya! And what trip would be complete without an iPad?! Load up a couple of your favorite books, although I have a feeling you'll want to soak up all the beauty Capri has to offer, there'll be little time to just lay. Our hotel had a gorgeous pool, so I did spend a couple afternoons catching up on my reading. 

In general, I suggest keeping your wardrobe light and simple. I took cotton, strapless tops from H&M (so I wouldn't get tan lines walking around), maxi dresses and skirts, and my white linen pants. Everything was in neutral colors with a few stripes thrown in--that meant that everything was interchangeable and I could mix and match all the pieces to get way more outfits.

Have you been to Capri? What's your favorite island to visit?

Thanks so much for having me today, Rose! 
Hope y'all stop by and say hi!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Vacation Essentials: Ashley of XO Smash

Hi guys! I'm Ashley and most days I'm blogging over at Smashing Style, but today I am honored to be hanging out with you. When Rose approached me about doing this I was A. super flattered and B. laughing to myself because I am out of town right now too. But, unlike Rose, I was not quite organized enough to line up guest posts. You see, I got married last Saturday (whoop whoop!) so I had a few other things going on, and as we speak I am honeymooning in the pink sands of Bermuda*. 

While I packed a lot more than this, here are nine of my favorite travel essentials. 

1. A straw hat. Listen, hats are a huge pain to travel with but wrinkles and skin cancer are even worse. And a hat is a nice way to pretend you are a celebrity in the airport, and maintain your precious skin once you arrive at your destination. 

2 + 8. I don't know why I put these so far apart, but headphones and a headphone splitter are two staples in my travel bag. My husband (eek!) and I like to watch movies on the plane and this Belkin headphone splitter allows us to play nicely together. These Frends headphones are on my wish list because I think they are cute and would make me look more musically savvy than I actually am...a.k.a I still really like "Call Me Maybe". 

3. The most adorable cover-up that can go from the beach, to lunch, to the airplane with leggings. I mean, you're not actually a celebrity, you can wear leggings if you want. I won't tell. 

4. A cute scarf. Blanket, head scarf, evening wrap, bag accoutrement...the possibilities are endless. 

5. Mix and match bikinis from Target. Because Target is the best and everybody needs to pick what works for their body. I like a bandeau and a bottom with side ties, you might like a halter with a belted bottom, Target understands our needs and meets them at a reasonable price.

6. A cute clutch that can double as your e-reader holder. I am a big vacation reader and this bag would be great for going out at night and protecting my Kindle during the day. Believe it or not I still have the original Kindle and I'm really annoying about protecting it since I'm pretty sure the Smithsonian is going to want it next year. It has to be one of the only ones left. 

7. The Deux Lux weekender. I am the queen of bags, and the Deux Lux weekenders are by far my favorite duffle. They are sneaky big and the pop of sparkle is just outrageous enough to be fun.  

9. Belle by Sigerson Morrison sandals. I am absolutely obsessed with Belle by Sigerson and all of their shoes. These are just a notch cooler than a basic sandal, and they come in three amazing colors. They are well-made, stylish and super comfortable (plus these are on sale!). 

Well guys, it's been a pleasure hanging out with you today. Come visit me at Smashing Style and have an amazing day! 


*I'll let you know if they're actually pink. 

*beach image via

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

To Do: Live a Little

It's hard to believe in less than 24 hours, I will be on my way to Mexico. Until now, I've only left the country once, in college on a study abroad to Italy for a few weeks. I also haven't had a "real" vacation in over two years as all of my trips since moving to NYC have either been back home, or down to DC for a few days to visit my brother (and honestly, I really don't think that counts as a real vacation). 
This time, though, I get a full WEEK on the beautiful beaches near Playa Del Carmen with loads of sunshine & sand, culminating in seeing my beautiful cousin and lifelong friend marry a wonderful man. 

While I'm looking forward to trading the computer screen, work and technology for coastline, friends and family, I'm not leaving you completely alone while I'm gone! Since I'll be heading to the airport at about 4 a.m., some good friends & fellow bloggers graciously agreed to step in for me while I'm out. Make sure you stop by each day to hear about their dream vacation & packing essentials (& trust me, there's some really good stuff in there. I'm already wishing I could take half their selections with me on this trip!). You might get a little peep from me over the weekend, but in the meantime you can follow along with me in real time on Twitter and Instagram.

*image via

Monday, June 17, 2013

Poolside Blues

If you've been with me for a while, you'll notice this isn't the first time I've rocked the head-to-toe blue look, though this one is considerably softer in color. While loose, these shorts are incredibly flattering and look perfect paired with a clean white sandal, soft leather clutch and pop of pink lipstick.

Tee, Victoria's Secret Pink | Shorts, Zara | Coach clutch, borrowed from Hallie
Shoes, Zara | Necklace, Sequin Jewelry | Lipstick, NARS Matte in Carthage

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blogging is Therapy

This post is going to get a little more personal than I normally do with all of you, but I feel like it's kind of necessary. Blogging is my creative outlet, and sometimes your creative outlet turns into a little bit of therapy.

When we're browsing our favorite blogs with page after page of pretty photos, jaw-dropping style and whimsical typeface, we forget that blogging is work. Planning content, shooting, pulling and editing images, sourcing and uploading, and then thinking of something witty to go along with it? It can be exhausting, and at times feels much more like work (which I already get enough of at my 50-hour-a-week first job) than play.

It's tough to find time between long work days, all kinds of events each week, seeing friends, running errands and somehow getting some relaxation & sleep in there to truly devote the time I need to for blogging. Even when I'm not distracted, writing a well-researched post can take upwards of an hour. I should probably tell you now that this isn't a whiney, complaint-filled post, though. After a rougher than expected start to the year, the days have started to feel a little brighter (also contributed to the fact that I hate winter and I'm pretty sure I have SAD each year). I want to go out and enjoy all these awesome events and crazy experiences, especially while I'm young & living in NYC, but sometimes the reason I get to go to these events is because I have this blog. Vicious circle, ya know?

Victoria shared a really great post earlier this week on blogging & time management (which, if you blog yourself, I highly encourage you to go read!) & I found myself talking about it over drinks with Jessica last night (evidence of talking, here). She also mentioned another article she'd come across on The Middle Finger Project-a concept I completely adore because it sums up my attitude about everything-about why working for yourself is hard. You only get out what you put in, which means procrastinating less and pushing myself more. I need to be happy with what I have and work harder for what I want. I'm learning to block out times for this second "job" and to work with an editorial calendar, with plans to add another cork board to my wall to keep track of due dates, projects and inspirational images and quotes (also because my first cork board is covered in jewelry).

Thanks for suffering through my growing pains with me, and to those that continue to visit my blog each week-from the bottom of my heart, thank you!! You have no idea how much it means to me, and I hope I can inspire some of you with each post I share.

*image via

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Polka Dots & Studs

I'm pretty lucky to work in a fairly casual office environment-unless it's market/we have appointments (or, you know, some days you have Vogue editors coming by) we can rock jeans, tees and various forms of flat shoes. Other days, though, I feel like stepping it up, like I did with this dotted dress & my new favorite blazer (translation: I wear it several times a week). I love the versatility of this dress, but polka dots can feel a little girly to me sometimes-enter spiked loafers & a serious statement necklace!
Dress, Von Maur (old, similar) | Blazer, Zara | Necklace, Sequin Jewelry

Monday, June 10, 2013

Snapshots & Updates

I feel like I have been going, going, going lately yet have seemed to get so little done and it has only just begun! I thought I'd take a minute to slow down & update all of you on where I've been (and why Blonde has been feeling a little neglected). 

The beginning of this year was a little rough, with trips home and back every few weeks, followed by a whirlwind of events and prepping for market week at work. My mom came out to NYC for my birthday, but unfortunately we didn't get to have as much fun as I'd hoped (thanks to some lots of rain & me being sick). I've spent the last few weekends "taking it easy" since my weeks are usually filled with work and events, but the reality has been lots of cleaning, organizing and errand running that I've been putting off for weeks-or months! 

My trip to Mexico is rapidly approaching (current countdown: 9 days), which means trying to tackle a huge to do list before I go. I had a surprisingly productive weekend, but of course the one thing I didn't get to that is always on my list is an update for this blog. Some big & bigger changes are in my plans right now! Something I have been better at is posting to instagram more frequently, which I don't do near often enough despite the massive numbers of photos I take. Sharing a few of my recent favorites with you below, and don't forget you can follow along with me in real(ish) time!

A few other things on my radar recently: 

Gap featured photos from this post on their Facebook & Pinterest!

These shoes are (finally!) half off-time to make them mine.

I want to go to every single place on Refinery29's no-plane-required list for vacations near NYC.

Meg Biram perfectly sums up my feelings about this Vogue spread with Kate Upton.

Hallie puts together a great mood board to kick off every month-I feel like this is something I should start doing, even if I don't post it!

I have been living in this Pickwick & Weller t-shirt. Need to get more colors, ASAP!

Seeing Song of Style blogger Aimee Song's closet on Glamour made me daydream about a day when I won't be sharing a closet with three other people (love you, roomies!).

Lastly, if Monday was a person... (definitely made me giggle. Happy Monday!).

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Best of: West Elm Sale

There is little I love more than a great sale, and when that sale is happening at West Elm? Well, it's a safe bet I can kiss my next paycheck (or two) goodbye. West Elm is one of my favorite destinations when I'm looking for inspiration or buying a gift, whether it's for a birthday, holiday, wedding or housewarming-bottle of wine not included! I've rounded up some of my major lusts & musts from their current sale, and I already called my mom to tell her to expect the Shirley Fintz Elephant Lamp to show up at home until I have a place big enough to justify another lamp in NYC.

If you could take three things home with you from the sale, what would they be?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dream Home: Gardens and Greens

It's time to change up this #dreamhome series a little bit. While I love finding a well styled, fully finished house, more often than not I find myself coming across thematically similar rooms and exteriors that I want to share with you but frequently can't find more photos from the same house. Starting this week, Wednesday's #dreamhome post is going to relate to a specific theme or idea, whether it's a color or decorating style or type of room. There will still be the occasional full home tour, but this opens the gates to share so many of the amazing things I come across with you!

This week's post is all about gardens & greens, inspired in part my my own little urban garden that's slowly growing on my back porch. There's something incredibly soothing in coming home every evening to tend to and water the various herbs and plants I have growing-and sometimes I'm rewarded, like tonight with three sweet little strawberries! Summer makes me miss where I grew up more than any other season. I spent every spring and summer watching my mom garden (and once mistook very hot peppers for cherry tomatoes-I didn't eat either for nearly 15 years after) in our huge acre of a backyard, and whenever she visits we always make sure to go to the New York Botanical Gardens-way higher on our list than any other tourist attraction! We spent my birthday there just a few weeks ago. One of these days, I hope I have an apartment with a little bit of green space outside to truly start my own little urban garden.
*images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Colorful in the Hamptons

 I'm going to apologize right now for all the photos in today's post, but I'm pretty sure Hallie & Jessica have futures as photographers & set stylists-I couldn't make up my mind what to share with you!

My everyday uniform is pretty much always a mishmash of color (evidenced here, here and here), especially cool tones and brights. I picked up these jeans last year in bright yellow (duh), and when I spotted this lime color I knew I had to get this year's version, too. What better place to bring together some of my favorite hues of late spring-especially this pretty seafoam blue-than the Hamptons? Unfortunately, it's back to the city and work for me today, but this unexpectedly long weekend has been more than fabulous. Bucket list: renting a house out here some summer, soon!
T-shirt, Victoria's Secret | Jeans, Gap (on sale!) | Belt, Gap
Sunglasses, Ray-Ban | Necklace and Bracelets (big & small), Sequin
Nails, OPI Ogre the Top Blue (one of my all-time favorites)
Sandals, Jack Rogers/borrowed from Hallie