Tuesday, September 3, 2013

101 in 1001

In 20 years, you will be more disappointed by what you didn't do than by what you did. -Mark Twain

When I first saw Mackenzie's list of 101 in 1001, I thought it interesting but not for me. You see, I don't do well with making plans (like moving to NYC on a whim) and I can find setting a time restraint on things to be more stressful than motivating-which is why you'll never hear me set a goal age for marriage, kids or any of those other "milestones". I have, however, come to think that vocalizing your goals can be productive, like telling myself I was finally going to finish this list I started 6 months ago and share it with you all. Whether you follow along with me over the next 1,001 days is entirely up to you!
  1. Write my 101 things
  2. Join a master’s swim team
  3. Be active at least 3 times a week for one month
  4. Get my second tattoo (December 2013) 
  5. Run a mile without getting winded (or having hip problems)
  6. Run a 5k
  7. Stay up all night & watch the sun rise over the city from a rooftop
  8. Be in a parade in NYC
  9. Upgrade to a newer dSLR camera
  10. Start shooting black and white film again (September 2013)
  11. Develop and print in a darkroom
  12. Sell a photographic print (digital or film)
  13. Pay off my credit card debt
  14. Go to Paris before I turn 26
  15. Learn how to meditate
  16. Read 5 books in French
  17. (Re) learn Spanish
  18. Go hiking in the Appalachians
  19. Regain my flexibility
  20. Learn how to sail (or at least go sailing!)
  21. Do five different DYI projects for the home (1/5, spice racks)
  22. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  23. Take an advanced photoshop class
  24. Learn Adobe Illustrator 
  25. Go to 10 different art exhibits (2/10, JP Gaultier in Brooklyn, Charles James at the Met)
  26. Get up earlier than the latest possible time I have to for at least 1 week
  27. Be at least 5 minutes early to work for at least 1 week (January 2014)
  28. Do yoga in the morning for at least 1 week
  29. Get back on pointe
  30. Take classes in: hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, broadway, ballroom (1/5, hip-hop)
  31. Learn to make cinnamon rolls (March 2014)
  32. Get a photography image published by a magazine or major website
  33. See 10 broadway plays (1/15, A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder)
  34. Participate in a dance performance
  35. Go to five different ballets (2/5, JR performance, Young NYCB performance)
  36. See a concert in Central Park
  37. Go to all the major art museums in NYC (MoMA, Met, Guggenheim, Whitney, New Museum) twice a year
  38. Get a membership to the NY Botanical Gardens
  39. Visit the Cloisters
  40. Go hiking in upstate New York
  41. Spend a weekend on Fire Island/the Hamptons (October 2014)
  42. Go to the beach 10 different times between during the warmer months
  43. Do a boudoir photo shoot
  44. Send Christmas cards to friends
  45. Get a blowout (April 2014)
  46. Spend a whole day pampering myself (sleeping in, massage, mani/pedi, etc.)
  47. Get business cards (September 2013)
  48. Take an art class
  49. Wear something other than jeans for an entire week
  50. Learn how to make a button down shirt work on me (Winter 2013)
  51. Go to the NYC transit museum
  52. Post on my blog every day for a week
  53. Read at least five “classic” books (0/5)
  54. Rent a car for a roadtrip (10/19/13-trip to Storm King)
  55. Spend a weekend hitting up the best antique & flea markets
  56. Redesign my blog to better reflect my style
  57. Invest in a designer/everyday bag (Spring 2013, Botkier bag/resort 2015 Pashli)
  58. Attend a NYFW show outside of work (September 2013)
  59. Visit five new cities (0/5)
  60. Maintain a comfortable emergency fund (at least 3 months of expenses + a little padding!)
  61. Send snail mail to friends for birthdays, holidays and other events each month
  62. Go for a bike ride in Central Park
  63. Take lunch to work every day for a week at least 10 times a year
  64. Visit 10 jazz & blues clubs for live music (1/10, Little Branch)
  65. Invest in at least five designer-level, classic wardrobe pieces (5/5) (Alexander Wang Vest, Theory Sweater, Mary Katrantzou heels, Acne sweater, Suno Dress)
  66. Clean out my wardrobe at least 3 times a year
  67. See a Cubs game in Chicago
  68. Have a picnic in the park (Summer 2014)
  69. Have guests over for a meal on our (overly spacious) back porch
  70. See 10 new classic films à la Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly etc. (0/10)
  71. Get a facial
  72. See a comedy show (Summer 2014)
  73. Buy a pair of designer shoes (Choos, Louboutins or Blahniks, etc.) just because
  74. In one week: go to a dance class, spin class, for a run and for a swim
  75. Cut out sweets for one week
  76. Continue my education with French classes (December 2013, Duolingo App!)
  77. Re: #76, continue my education with photography courses
  78. Purchase coffee for the person in line behind me
  79. Go to yoga every week for two months
  80. Make five vintage clothing purchases...bonus points if they’re under $50 each! (1/5) (Vintage blue dress)
  81. Put up a gallery wall in my apartment
  82. Invest in 2 new high-quality & original pieces of art for the wall (1/2) (Van Holmgren Original)
  83. Go an entire month (eek!) without shopping for clothing/accessories etc.
  84. Make a truly killer playlist (March 2014)
  85. Take a day (or weekend) trip once a month for 6 months
  86. Spend an entire day away from technology (phone calls with family not included)
  87. Celebrate two years in NYC (10/12/13)
  88. Make a noticeable change to my hair (December 2013, turquoise hair, May 2014, lavender hair)
  89. Purchase something from Tiffany’s for myself, just because
  90. Go to a multi-day music fest
  91. Take someone’s portraits in film
  92. Set and/or adjust my career goals each month
  93. Smile for no reason every day
  94. Learn to be nicer to strangers on the street (also known as don’t intentionally run into people in your way, even if they’re being an idiot stopped in the middle of the sidewalk on their cell phone)
  95. Play a musical instrument again
  96. Re-learn how to play the piano
  97. Drink tea instead of coffee for one month
  98. Swim before work three days a week for two weeks
  99. Learn how to make sushi
  100. Surprise my best friend for a weekend trip (Visited Phoenix, January 2014)
  101. Let go of inhibitions and conventions
...and if we want to make this a nice, even number of 102, let's make that goal to run into Ryan Gosling on the street :)

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  1. What an awesome list!! I cant wait to follow along as you check things off.

  2. This is a fun list! You will have such a great time crossing things off.

  3. Ah, I love this! I've been meaning to write one up - I think I will aim to do it in advance of my next birthday. I love the idea of taking dance classes, investing in a classic piece of art and of course, designer shoes ;)

    xx, Brenna of Bubbly in Brooklyn.

  4. Good luck! Just finished my own list and I CAN'T WAIT to get started!

  5. good luck with your list! i have one too! they are the best and i love crossing things off it!

  6. Love your list! Good luck! I'm a year into mine, and I love crossing things off!