Monday, May 26, 2014

Tribal Print

Memorial Day for me has a few different's the unofficial start of summer, my birthday usually falls over the weekend (this year it's the holiday—today!) and it seems to be the official start of wedding season. Since I spent yesterday at one of those ceremonies, I knew I needed a dress that was fun and birthday-like, too. I opted for a colorful, printed Mara Hoffman dress, added sparkly, bright earrings and threw on a fun pair of heels!
 I'm not usually one for anything too tight or short, but I've been lusting over Mara Hoffman's prints for a while and liked the higher neckline on this piece. And, let's be totally honest, the turquoise color had me hooked, too. I've also been looking for a chance to wear my Prabal Gurung for Target heels—I scooped them up over a year ago, but between the never-ending winter and my more casual work attire (read: jeans, sneakers and t-shirts) they've been stuffed away for far too long.
The ceremony was up in Dubuque, Iowa, a beautiful little city up on the Mississippi River where Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin meet. I wish I'd had more time to get some photos of the beautiful view from the park where the ceremony was, high up over the river, but between the 3 hour drive there and back from Des Moines and all the fun in between, there wasn't near enough time to wander around and soak up the beautiful day. Putting it on my must-do list for the future, especially since Galena, Illinois across the river is known for their antiques and beautiful architecture (and I'm a sucker for both!).
Mara Hoffman Dress c/o Zappos || Aldo Crossbody c/o Zappos || Prabal Gurung for Target Heels (similar, on sale!)
Badgley Mischka Earrings (similar, only $36) || Sequin Bangles || Givenchy Le Rouge in Magnolia Organza

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Little White Shift Dress

I've already headed back to NYC and then left from there for the Midwest, but I wanted to share a couple snaps from my trip to DC last weekend in an attempt to keep things somewhat chronologically organized. I had a nightmare of a time getting down there Friday night but managed to ditch the rain for a mostly sunny, fairly warm day that was perfect for wandering about.
 I've paid visits to D.C. every few months since I moved East for everything from baseball games (rooting for the Cubs, of course) to the 2013 Inauguration. It's no New York—sorry D.C.!—but it's near the top of my list for a weekend visit when I need to get away. The museums are free, the food is good and the light is nearly always perfect. It's easy to relax and unwind when you find yourself wandering the mall in beautiful weather or passing building after building with a rich, unique history.
I have my favorite spots to hit when I'm on the mall, like the sculpture garden (below) and the botanical gardens near the Capitol. I've also done my fair share of wandering through nearby neighborhoods, but I'm always looking for new places to check out. Any recommendations for my next trip later this summer? Food, shopping, sites to see...all fair game!
P.S...these shoes are about to become my summer favorite. I wore them all over D.C. for two straight days; they didn't rub or cause me any pain, and they look super cute!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

High(lighter) Color

Oy, vey! I don't know about you, but the last week or so has been a bit of a doozy—and not in a good way. I kicked off last Monday by slipping on 7th Avenue, banging up my knee (& flashing everyone a peek under my dress in the process). On Friday morning I woke up with laryngitis, foolishly thinking things couldn't get much worse. Three hours of my Friday night were spent in heavy rain, waiting for a bus to D.C. to see friends. 
Never again, Megabus. While the weekend was nice, my voice hasn't really come back, which resulted in me taking a sick day yesterday & spending most my day re-watching episodes of True Blood #guiltypleasure. 
Here's hoping this next week, with plane travel Friday and my birthday on Monday, is better!
 New York City (and pure laziness) have certainly influenced my style over the last few years to become more neutral. It's a lot easier to get dressed in the morning when I know I'm throwing on a white tee, jeans, sneakers or ankle boots, and maybe a cardigan. Every now & again though I just need to wake everything back up with some color. This was one of those days where I started with the neon pants—a favorite—and kept piling on from there.
The funny thing is, I'm actually more comfortable in an abundance of color than I am in anything low-cut, short or revealing, so I didn't realize I was dressed like a highlighter until I got to Brooklyn (where the uniform is black leggings, neutral sneakers, oversize white tees and black leather jackets) and caught all the stares and side-eye coming my way. I'll never understand why people are so suspicious of wearing color!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Blue and Yellow

 I know it's only Tuesday, but does it feel more like it should be closer to Friday to anyone else? Somehow the first half of this month has already flown by and the second half is completely packed full—I won't even be in NYC for the upcoming two weekends (follow me on instagram if you want to see where I'm headed). By the time all that's done & over with I'll be another year older and summer will pretty much be upon us! I don't really have words to contain my excitement, but I do hope that I can get a little color on my ghostly white legs before then—and hopefully avoid another incident like yesterday, where I slipped crossing 7th Avenue and banged up my knee pretty bad....while flashing everyone on the street because I was in a dress. Happy Monday, right? 

Thankfully, these photos were taken before drinks with a friend after work last week—no ghostly white legs or bruised knees in sight. Oh, and if you want to see why I'm laughing so hard in the third picture...scroll down to the bottom for a little gem.
Zara Coat (there's a blue verison, too!)  || 7 For All Mankind Coated Jeans (similar) || Madewell Linen Bike Tee

My friend Ainsley & I had been talking about how I'm always making stupid faces or waving my hands around when my picture is being she managed to snap this gem, looked at it, and proceeded to laugh, loudly, at me while telling me I looked dumb (and because of the guy we managed to get passing me). Ensuing laughs on my end happened, too!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bon Week-end + Link Love

I am writing this at 8:30a in my bed and it's already over 60 degrees outside. Did anyone else feel like this weekend finally got it together and we can enjoy the weather now? I spent much of yesterday running around Manhattan, thankfully with my umbrella since there was a little intermittent rain (& some serious thunder, which I loved). I did two SoulCycle classes yesterday, once in the morning and once in the evening, which is a first for me, and my jell-o legs today aren't exactly happy about it. Regardless I'm ignoring their very loud protests and heading to Brooklyn this morning so I can get my porch garden in order before I skip town the next two weekends! If you're still laying in bed (and I don't blame you), here's some of my favorites from around the web this week.

Lulu & Georgia has beautiful Mexican Serapes—for just $25!

People used to tell my sister & I we resembled the Olsen twins. I wish that were true so I could visit Mary-Kate's new pad.

I cannot stop obsessing over these sneakers from Twins for Peace

The WSJ had a really interesting article on the Rise of the Shelfie.

Hitha f*cking loves science—and she has some great recommendations for the rest of us nerds.

Teeny, tiny cars on adventures over on HonestlyWTF.

Stocking up on my favorite face sunscreen for the warmer months.

In need of a great weekender bag for all the trips I want to take this summer—I like this one from Lo & Sons and this one from Everlane.

Hallie's Outfit Outtakes always have me laughing. No blogger is safe from terrible and/or ridiculous photos.

Oh, and Happy Mother's Day! This is one holiday I can fully get behind—now go show your mother some love & thanks if you're lucky enough to be with her today.

*Image via Kessara

Friday, May 9, 2014

Surreal Flora from Isabelle Menin

When I spotted one of these images on Pinterest earlier this week, I immediately knew I had to track down the artist and was delighted to discover artist Isabelle Menin had numerous other works in her incredible series of flower imagery. Before I tell you a little more about her, go ahead and get lost looking at the amazing detail 
and surreal texture in her work. 
What's even more astounding to discover is that all of her images are digital photography. Yes, you read that right...she creates layers and layers of texture and flowers and light and then subtly manipulates each image in post-production until you get what you see before you now. Ms. Menin is also a vocal proponent of color, admitting a fascination with the sensual possibilities in color that are not conveyed in black and white. 
There's subtle messaging to be found throughout her work, too, and one interviewer even made a connection with fairy tales. Ms. Menin agreed, saying to her fairy tales are the transition from smoothness to crookedness, the swing from light to darkness, the revelation of a different reality through gloom. I don't know about you, but I could easily spend an afternoon entranced by her work.
All images via Isabelle Menin's website. To read a little more on her processes and philosophy, click here!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Vibrant Color

Ahh, colorful street art! Every time I see the mural on the Bowery Wall, my mood is instantly lifted. My company has a store around the corner and when I first spotted the change in mural (I'm not sure how well-known this is, but they commission artists to change the mural on the wall every few months. The last one featured a lot of portraits if I remember correctly!) I knew I had to get in front of it for some photos at some point. Sadly, this was not the day I was dressed like a human highlighter, but maybe it's a good thing I was a little more neutral for a change. 
I wore this to a (seriously yummy) brunch with Emily at Balthazar a few weeks ago when the sun finally decided to come out and warm up the city for a day. About halfway through our photo taking session it felt like my jacket was adhering to my skin...not a pleasant feeling, but a welcome change from constantly shivering.
Another quick tidbit about the mural—the artist's name is Maya Hayuk and she's done some amazing work around the world. You can check a full list of all the walls she's painted here; I highly recommend checking one out if it's in your area!

I've also been on a street-art spotting and 'gramming kick, and this is another favorite of mine recently spotted in SoHo. Don't be surprised if you see it pop up in the background of some photos soon!
Leather Jacket (similar) || Steve Madden Fringe Bag (this season's version) || Forever 21 Top || Boyfriend Jeans

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Warm Weather Beauty

I know I'm not the only one who equates spring/summer weather with all kinds of lighter layers—both in clothing and in beauty! I like to shed a lot of my makeup when it's warmer and opt for just a few layers of skincare—moisturizer, sunscreen, and a sheer tint, topped off with a bright lip and a hint of a cat-eye. 
If you're irked that all the images I've gathered for my beauty moodboard are blondes, well, hey—I go with what I know! I've always been a blonde but in the summer sun my hair really bleaches out. It takes a lot longer now that I work a desk job and not at a pool (insert nostalgic sighs for summers past here), but I definitely get a white-ish blonde layer on top and I fully expect this summer to be no exception. I'm already prone to letting my hair keep the mind of its own that's developed, but in the summer I really let it go and opt for braids, beach-y waves and tousled tresses as much as possible. Even if I won't be spending this summer on any other beaches than New York's, I'd like to pretend I can fool passer-by into thinking I just got back from a Mexico vacay.
So, tell me—how do you simplify your routine for warm weather?

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