Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Phoenix Florals

A few years ago, while traveling from NYC, I spoke out loud about how lucky I was to have encountered very few flight issues in my life so far, but it would seem I spoke much, much too soon. Most of the past year has been marred with delays and cancellations and re-bookings, and Friday was no exception. You may recall my last post was written while at the airport, shortly before I'd hoped to hop on a flight. Since I have apparently cursed myself—and, if you know of any ways to un-do a travel curse, I'll be forever in your debt if you share—it was several more hours, flight changes, cancellations and an entirely different NYC area airport later before I was finally Phoenix-bound.

Luckily, my wonderful friend was more than willing to pick me up when I finally arrived after 1a, and when you step off a plane that late at night to 65 degree weather after suffering through a never-ending winter, you'd be a fool not to be in a fantastic mood. Especially when the following day is National Margarita Day and you get to wear shorts to go day-drink a bit at a sand bar in 80 degree weather. 
Otte New York Sophie Top || Prabal Gurung for Target Shorts || ECCO Bag c/o

Friday, February 21, 2014

Mary Katrantzou x Lyst

Bringing you a short & sweet post today, as I'm currently stuck at the airport hoping to make it to Phoenix for the weekend! The quick version is I've switched flights four times and at one point ended up on an overbooked one; currently, I'm cautiously optimistic I'll be in the air shortly. In the meantime, I wanted to draw your attention to one of the most beautiful collaborations I've seen to date. 

I first came across Mary Katrantzou several season back while performing my bi-annual browse of as the shows rolled in. She recently collaborated with Lyst on 10 items, exclusive to their site—I've long lusted after her pieces, and I can honestly say I've never been more tempted to spend $1k on a pair of jeans (above, bottom right) than I am right now. Unfortunately, or really rather fortunately I suppose, that's a bit outside my budget at the moment. Here's hoping they bring her on for an affordable collab at Target or a similar vendor soon—I need some of these gorgeous prints in my life!

Top image via Atlantic-Pacific // All items available at Lyst

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Brooklyn Bound

A few weekends ago, the weather got bearably warm enough that my friends and I took a jaunt over to Brooklyn to hit up antique shops and the Flea, something we usually reserve for warmer seasons as the warehouse-style settings can be pretty frigid. After such a brutally long, snowy winter, 30-degree weather felt amazingly warm to us. First, though, we hit up brunch at a new little neighborhood favorite—The Sparrow Tavern, conveniently across the street from the one place in Astoria most people are familiar with, the beer garden. Not only were the food & drinks great, they let you snag a seat even if your whole party isn't there yet (and if you live in NYC, you know that's a big deal). 

Can we take a moment to talk about this sweatshirt, too? It's from menswear designer Todd Snyder (part of his collaboration with Champion—he's also an Iowa native), and though I've only had it a month it's quickly become a wardrobe staple. Sure, I'm partial to the blue color—no surprise there—but it's just plain comfortable. It's transitioned from nights at home to office wear to weekend wear faster than you can blink, all I have to do is pull on a blazer or throw a chic statement necklace on top!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pretty as a Picture

I'll give a brief preface to this post regarding my recent absence—although really, I feel there's nothing too exciting to tell, other than that it's attributed partly to a very busy schedule and partly due to lack of inspiration. No one wants to read about me b*tching about the cold or see me wearing the same five sweaters over and over again because I'm trying not to become the world's first human icicle. As I adjust to a new schedule and think happy thoughts in hopes of warmer temps, I'll also make more of an appearance back in my corner of the web.

Now that's out of the way, let's get to the reason we're here, shall we? I spotted the gorgeous pic at the top of this post a few weeks back (probably while browsing Pinterest, if we're honest) and HAD to save it. I'm not even really a "pinks" kind of person, but there's something about the tones, mixed with touches of blue and gold, that really caught my eye. The result is my attempt at living inside a beautiful image, or at least taking a little of it with me until I find my way to a place that gorgeous. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Date Night Dressing + a Yumi Kim Giveaway!

I know I titled this post "date night dressing," but the joke's on you if you think I'll be getting dressed up for a date anytime soon! That is, unless you count my Valentine's Day plans—a dinner date with two of my good friends, neither of whom happen to be into girls. I suppose you could say a great dress, like this pretty silk Yumi Kim number, will be lost on them, but they do appreciate fashion as much as I, so I imagine we'll make quite a well-dressed table! I'll actually make more of an effort to style my hair by then, too...if you remember, my hair had a bright turquoise streak in it not too long ago, and you'll notice below that I've bleached it out—so I'm giving my hair a break from heat tools for a while. The plus side to this is I'm now so blonde I look like I spent a month on the beach, except I've been busy freezing my ass off in NYC.

Yumi Kim has also offered to give away the Leon dress I'm wearing here to one lucky reader! Scroll down to enter the giveaway(and visit their website to see the dress sans coat—this Polar Vortex sh*t made it too cold to take my coat off for even a minute!). The winner will be announced on February 14!
Black Classic Peacoat || Yumi Kim Leon Dress in Navy Heart c/o || Hue Tights || Corso Como Boots
Tiffany Necklace || Catbird Rings || Sequin Bracelet
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