Monday, July 29, 2013

Feelin' Foxy

Man, NYC heat can be a b*tch! It's finally cooled off the last few days (I'm sitting on my back porch while it rains as I write this, drinking French press and wishing the weekend weren't coming to an end), but for several days all I could think about were sheer fabrics and lightweight layers. These pants may look deceivingly fall-like, but they're actually made from a silky fabric that's akin to wearing pajama pants throughout the day. Sheer tops are a must in NYC summers, but they're not exactly work-appropriate, even if you work in the fashion industry. When I wear this top to work it's always with a cami underneath or a solid layer like a blazer or cardigan on top. 

Also making an appearance are my prized Rachel Zoe Brooklyn heels, nabbed during the Shopbop Friends & Family sale earlier this year. To date, they're still one of the most expensive things I've ever purchased (not including some seriously discounted finds over the years ;) ).  I of course had rock a liquid-looking gold cuff to complement the incredible metallic heel.

P.S. Jessica talked me into leaving my hair up in this topknot for photos, even though it's something I normally only rock for workouts/lazy weekends/bedtime. I'm still on the fence about wearing it up out in public-thoughts??
Top, Zara (similar) || Pants, French Connection (similar) || Shoes, Rachel Zoe (on sale!) 
Necklace, Cuff, Sequin Jewelry || Lipstick, Givenchy in Magnolia Organza

Photos: Jessica Sturdy

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Blonde in this City is now on Facebook

Since I have been spending a little too much money lately, I told myself I'd stay in most of this weekend and get some things done on my to-do list. One of them included making Blonde an official Facebook page! I'm already on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest under the handle @Rosamapose, and now you can follow along at

Thanks for being a fan!

Weekend Eats: Blackberry & Basil Grilled Cheese

I've been a little bit bored with my food options lately and decided I needed to find something new to add to my repertoire. As much as I'm a summer-over-winter person, I feel as though I have a lot more go-to recipes in the wintertime (soups, squash-based dishes, etc.) that it's just too hot to make in the summer. It's been a while since I've posted a recipe, so I'll give you a quick background again on my eating habits. I'm what's technically called a pescetarian which means I eat fish, but not meat. I also thoroughly enjoy cooking and am growing a mini garden of herbs on my back porch this summer.

I am a self-professed kitchen fanatic, and while my first food-love is baking (here's two kinds of cookies I frequently make: pumpkin chocolate chip and homemade oreos), I tend to make dinner at home so I'll have leftovers for lunch at work about 3-4 times a week. One of the biggest reasons I don't post about my favorite recipes often is because I have an extremely ugly kitchen that does not make for pretty food photographs like those you see here. Anyways, enough about all of that and on to the recipe!
When I first make any new recipe, I follow along with it pretty closely unless I know there's something in it I won't like (sorry, onions). I stumbled across this delicious grilled cheese recipe last week and found the original on How Sweet It Is, which I followed almost exactly. Here's her original recipe, and you'll notice I also borrowed her photos (except for the one you see above) for today's post! I strongly encourage scrolling through the rest of her blog for more recipe inspiration.

Fontina, Blackberry & Basil Grilled Cheese

1 loaf fresh bread (I chose French in this case)

1/2 cup ripe blackberries

1/2 teaspoon of sugar (optional)

5-7 basil leaves

Fontina cheese

Olive oil or spreadable butter

Slice the bread for the number of sandwiches you're making-I went with three, and cut the slices medium-thick. Brush olive oil or spread butter on one side of each slice (these will be the sides face-down on your griddle). To make it easy and less messy, I usually stack the two slices together, oiled/buttered sides together. In a bowl, gently smash the blackberries with a fork until they resemble a jam. If they're not quite ripe/juicy, you can add a little bit of sugar to help draw out the juices. Chop your basil leaves and stir them into the smashed blackberries. Place slices of fontina on the "inside" (un-oiled/buttered side) of a slice of bread and spoon blackberries on top. Pre-heat and lightly grease your griddle (I usually use a little bit of salted butter, it adds flavor!). Remember to keep your heat on low or your cheese won't melt and your bread will burn! Place the slice with all your accoutrements oiled side down, and top it off with the other slice oiled side up. Let each side cook for 4-5 minutes for a nice, golden brown finish!

I devoured all three of my mini-sandwiches last night and am definitely storing this recipe for any day I want something gooey, quick and delicious. The best part about this recipe is how easy it is to switch up your ingredients-I might try a drunken goat cheese and strawberry version this summer, too! Would you try this recipe? What kind of fruit or cheese would you use? Let me know below!
*Top and bottom images via How Sweet It Is

Friday, July 26, 2013

Otte Sale Picks

There's really no better way to kick off a weekend than with a great sale (hello, payday!). Otte NY is currently offering an extra 60% off already reduced sale merchandise through Sunday on brands like Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone and 3.1 Phillip Lim. You already know I'm there-I picked out some of my favorites, like the shimmery leopard print dress or laced-trimmed tee.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Color Crush: Purple

It's been a bit since I've brought you a color crush, and the color purple seemed especially prudent this week due to its connotations with royalty and there being a royal baby and all (who, by the way, happens to be my 12th cousin or so a few times removed!). While my first color love seems to be rapidly turning into shades of turquoise & blue (evidenced here, here, here and here), purple pulls a close second. Not only does it look fantastic paired with rich shades of blue & green-peacock colors, anyone?-it makes a statement all on its own in everything from home decor to sartorial choices.

Yellow has long been a favorite of mine, clothing aside, simply because of its boldness. Purple is another one of those colors that you rarely see in rich, vibrant form, but I sincerely hope it makes a bit of a comeback because I wouldn't mind dressing in head to toe shades of purple (which I am convinced I can pull off without looking like a grape, since the blues went over quite well without making me look too much like a blueberry).
*all images via

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Shorts Sale

The best part about the middle of any season is when retailers start clearing out merchandise to make room for next season! By now, we've all seen the charts and articles and guides telling us when we can find the best deals on seasonal items-and July is the month to stock up on cute shorts for next summer while they're on serious sale. I've pulled together my favorite colorful, printed & denim styles from current sales (including red leather at 70% off!). Good thing there's still several more weeks to break some of these styles in before next summer ;)

L to R: Pink || Blue || Red

Monday, July 22, 2013

Prints on Prints

Oh, Monday. I never really look forward to its arrival, but even less so today after such a great weekend. The Legends of the Summer tour on Friday night was the perfect way to kick off my weekend, especially when they brought out Alicia Keys to perform on Empire State of Mind. Saturday was spent showing some friends around Manhattan and ducking into a small West Village bar to get out of the heat that was supposedly frequented by JFK, Jr., topped off with a play my roommate directed & a late night diner with friends. I spent Sunday with visiting family until heading to Spin for a Cure at night with Hallie & Jessica. Why can't weekdays be that fun, too?

Mixing prints has been my specialty lately, so I was more than thrilled to pick up these separates from Parker on sale! I love the cool tones and abstract patterns, which called for simple shoes and a touch of silver to pull it all together. While both are made from silk and easy to wear in the summer, the pants have been put in the bottom of my wardrobe until NYC decides to cool down to a bearable temperature regularly.
Top, Pants, Parker || Cuff, Ring, Sequin Jewelry || Shoes, Zara
Nails in Fairy Cake, Pedicure in Slapper, Butter London

Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy Weekend + Link Love

Happy weekend! I'm so glad it's finally Friday, but there's a part of me that wishes the days would slow down. How is it already getting so close to August? The heatwave here is going to stick around for one more day until it's banished by some thunderstorms tomorrow, but tonight I'll be sticking it out (literally) for the Justin Timberlake/Jay-Z show at Yankee Stadium with Jessica! After relaxing last weekend, this weekend's going to take a 180. My cousins & their husbands arrive in the city for several days tomorrow, and a few friends from home are popping by the city for a quick weekend, too. I also have a play that my roommate directed to attend tomorrow, and Sunday night I'll be participating in the MS Spin for a Cure ride at Flywheel with Jessica & Hallie! You can donate to our team here (and you'll forever have our gratitude!). 

Wherever you are this weekend, stay cool! Don't forget your SPF & drink plenty of (non-alcoholic) fluids to stay hydrated. Check out a few of my favorite things from around the web this week below!

Hallie shared this fab look on her blog this week-I have been in love with that incredible skirt since I first saw her post it last summer! Her tee keeps it playful while her shoes step up her game. Genius styling!

Work in social media (like yours truly)? Buzzfeed made a list just for you!

Jess Lively has started a fantastic morning club to help you kick off your day with intention.

I picked up some new books to read this week. What's been your favorite read of the summer so far?

Crushing on this VPL x Otte oversize tee for my fall wardrobe.

Erica Weiner has a clean slate necklace-that you can have engraved with up to 40 characters of your choice!

I love this list of Outdoor Trips around NYC from Refinery29. Every location has been put on my to-do list (even a repeat trip to Cold Spring!)

Did you catch the impossibly cool photo of NYC inside the Grand Canyon on the web this week?

Five easy DIY Hair Masks from the Glitter Guide.

*image via

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Weekly Wants

Oh boy, what a week! We had a huge project going out at my office this week, which meant a lot of long hours and very little leaving my desk. I think I'm about due for a massage after all the hours I've logged in an office chair, but that'll have to wait because I have a busy few weeks ahead of me (including the Justin Timberlake/Jay-Z show on Friday with Jessica!!). I figure I spend enough time window shopping online each week that it's about time I indulge in some of the great things I come across and sharing them all here! I'll do my best to keep this up weekly, but if you've been with me for a while, you probably know by now there's a little friction between me & a regular schedule (yes, I know there wasn't a #dreamhome post this week...oops). 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Forget the Rules

Today's, and every day's, words to live by.

Since starting this blog (and certainly since moving to NYC) I've watched my sense of style and fashion grow, particularly my confidence to wear things I would have felt were "too dressy" or "too mis-matched" or a multitude of other monikers. I've never been one to shy away from color and certainly own more azure blue than black, neons than whites, but I played it safe with t-shirts and jeans and simple shoes. Lately, I've been kicking it up another notch, as you'll see in some of my style posts over the next few weeks!

So, forget the rules-if you like it, wear it. Unless it's a semi-sheer top like I have on today and you're going to work and have meetings with your boss, then you should probably still wear a camisole underneath.

*image via

Monday, July 15, 2013

Floral Midi Skirt

This look is a serious throwback-I paired this floral midi skirt with one of my favorite Pickwick & Weller tees for drinks with Jessica after work at the end of May, but unfortunately didn't feel well enough to stick around for photos that night. Luckily, I pulled it all back together (plus a new accessory-a liquid gold cuff!) for another workday and snapped these photos. 
Tee, Pickwick and Weller || Skirt, Zara (similar, on sale!)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dream Home: Summer Patios & Porches

Since summer has officially arrived in NYC, there's nothing better to daydream about than having a big outdoor area to spend nights and weekends on. While my apartment has a (rather sizeable) porch, there are some downsides. It happens to be off the bedroom of one of my roommates and, as we're on the second floor, is made of metal instead of tiles, stones or wood. After a childhood with an acre of gardens & grassy areas, plus several large patios lining the back side of the house, I can't help but think it's one of the things I miss out on the most while living in NYC. 

Whether you live on the coast or nestled in the suburbs in the Midwest, wouldn't it be lovely to spend your free time sipping coffee and reading-or throwing fabulous dinner parties and get togethers-on any of these porches? 

*images 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Heat

I don't know who passed NYC the memo, but it is finally summer here. And if you don't know what summer is to NYC, that means it's 90+ during the day and 75 at night for days on end with 80% humidity and nary a cloud in sight. While I can't get away with anything too short or too sheer at work, my weekend uniform has been simplified. A breathable sheer or mesh top, jean shorts, some statement jewelry (lucite is lightweight-perfect for long days!) and a crossbody bag are essential for hot days in the city. Keeping the clothing light helps reflect and not absorb heat, making it easy to bring in color with your accessories. 

Top || Shorts || Necklace || Sunglasses || Bag (on sale!) || Sandals (on sale!) 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hothouse Florals

After the long four-day weekend, it really feels like my trip to Mexico was forever ago! It's only been about two weeks, but I'd trade a lot to be back on those gorgeous, cerulean beaches right now (especially after swimming in the cool, salty, dark green waters lining the coast of NYC over the fourth). I picked up this tropical print Zara dress one of my very first times in the store after I moved here, but had yet to find a good reason to wear it. As much as I love a good reason like a wedding to shop for something new, I knew I already had the perfect dress in my wardrobe. It was way too hot, windy and sticky to wear my hair down, so I did my best impersonation of Blake Lively hair.
Dress, Zara (similar, similar) || Clutch, Gap || Shoes, Rachel Zoe || Earrings, Bracelet, Sequin

...and, because my cousin made such a beautiful bride (& said I could share with you all!), a few photos of the wedding. I was particularly joyed to be there since I met her groom a few weeks into their relationship over four years ago. He is a wonderful, honest guy and I'm glad he's officially part of our family. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

Wishing everyone a safe & happy holiday! I'm heading out to Rockaways for the afternoon to relax on the beach with Jessica and a few friends, then perhaps scouting out somewhere I can catch a few of the fireworks (although I won't have near as spectacular a view as the photo above). I have to say, though, there's something about a Fourth in Iowa when you get to light off your own (ahem, illegally obtained) fireworks. Hopefully one of these years I'll be back again for that.

Here's to a great (long) weekend!

*image via

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Stars & Stripes Style

Is it really (almost) the Fourth of July already? It feels like just yesterday my mom was here over Memorial Day weekend, and somehow we're halfway through the summer! Luckily, I have a Betsey Johnson knit dress already prepped for the holiday complete with a solid blue skirt and red & white striped top, but I was feeling the need to bring some new red, white & blue into my holiday this year. How incredible are those flag print shoes? I already own this white dress from Express (and wear it frequently, sans belt-it's lined and both flattering & comfortable!), but I'm crushing hard on this star print bib necklace (bonus: it's on sale). Usually, my Fourth of July holidays in Iowa were spent at the pool during the day & shooting off fireworks (acquired from a 1.5 hour drive down to Missouri) at night, but this year I'm looking forward to a quiet four days off in the city while most of my friends work or travel. I haven't decided whether I'm going to hit the beach tomorrow, or attempt a few things around the city I don't normally have time to make it to (like the rain room at MoMA). Follow me on instagram to see what I decide!

P.S. if those mirrored Ray-Bans look familiar, that's because you've seen them here, here, here & here!

*image via