Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Weekly Wants

I'm not sure what's been spurring my newfound affinity for soft neutrals and luxe leathers, but I'm pretty much OK with it. I'm keeping with my color-loving roots, though-a great wine colored statement bag or shimmery blue trousers are high on my wish list this winter. Since adding any Stella McCartney to my wardrobe this season is a dream, this (gorgeous) checkered Zara coat will have to make due in it's place! I've also recently made a personal resolution to write more-whether it's jotting down thoughts on my mind, or taking on a deeper project like a short story or personal essay, so carrying notebooks around at all times is a must. These Rifle Paper Co. versions are MUCH prettier than my current 'books! I noticed this past weekend that I'm starting to look a little pale in my photos; mixing this bronzing illuminator with my usual skincare routine should do the trick, though.

Clockwise from top left: Baublebar Neptune Pendant || J. Crew Collection Capri in Tie Silk || Ankasa Crown Skull Pillow || Zara Checkered Coat || Anthropologie Saxon Gloves || Deborah Lippmann Nail Laquer in Glitter and Be Gay || J Brand Moto Jeans || Nars Illuminator in Laguna || BB Dakota Candace Colorblock Jacket || Rifle Paper Co. Gold Foil Notebooks || Danielle Nicole Alexa Tote || Rag & Bone Newbury Bootie || BB Dakota Lame Trim Blouse

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Baby Blues

Saying goodbye to the last of my swingy skirts-sans-tights with this post! The mix of pastels, fluorescents and neutrals in this look is one of my all-time favorites (Jessica's, too, judging by the number of pics we snapped). The trees are still slowly turning colors here, though I feel like NYC often skips from green to bare back to green where trees and seasons are involved. Upstate New York is an entirely different story, though!
Zara Jacket (similar) || Gap Striped Tee || Zara Skirt || Anthropologie Scarf
OPI Polish in Every Month is Oktoberfest || Clutch (borrowed from Jessica)

Friday, October 25, 2013


After pining a little for my plaid roots a few weeks ago, fate let me stumble across this fitted midi skirt at Zara. The next morning, I was having a series of dressing mishaps where I hated everything I own (read: lots of clothes ended up on my floor and stayed there for several days). Finally, I remembered the skirt I'd picked up and things started to fall into place-once I put on this navy silk top, I knew I'd found something I'd be happy with. As a finishing touch, I opted for a light colored bag instead of my usual black-this Sole Society tote is a recent addition and I've been carrying it everywhere.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weekly Wants

Look at me, getting my sh*t together this week (so far)...but since I've long been eyeing so many of the things in this week's post, it was pretty easy to pull together. I've even been to the gym and done some cleaning, with plans to hit up a spin class, get drinks with a few friends and *hopefully* relax by the weekend.

I'm simplifying my look now that the weather's getting much colder-a sweatshirt, relaxed jeans and slip on shoes would be perfect to have on hand every day. Simple accessories like a pink lip & this adorable map necklace from Three Jane are all I need, especially once the jackets and scarves start to pile up. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cashmere and Pumpkins

A few weekends ago, Jessica and I decided we needed to get out of the city with a little day trip out to the Hamptons, since they have a plethora of one of fall's best things-pumpkins! We hopped an early Jitney and were out there by afternoon-what we did NOT count on were all the families (hoards of small children included) who had the exact same thing planned. Luckily for us, we were able to get our pumpkin/apple cider donut fix and then cross the street to Duckwalk Vineyards for a little wine tasting-sans hoards of children-before heading back to the city.

Keeping with my weekend casual theme, I dressed pretty simply for the day. I've been living in this super-soft cashmere sweater from Otte since picking it up a few weeks ago.
Jacket, Zara (old, updated version) || Sweater, Otte || Jeans, 7 For All Mankind 
Boots, Jeffrey Campbell || Necklace, Sequin Jewelry || Sunglasses, Ray-Ban

Monday, October 21, 2013

Color Crush: Cobalt

If you've been a regular visitor for a while (thank you!), you're aware of my affinity for the color blue. If forced to guess, I would say 1/3 or so my closet is made up of shades of blue, from royal to cobalt to turquoise to mint to teal-and my nail polish collection, too. Naturally I was beyond excited to hear that Pantone had named dazzling blue their color of the year for 2014, particularly since my shopping addiction buying habits still seem to gravitate towards any and all shades. 

You may remember I added a flounced blue coat to my wardrobe last year, but this year I'm looking for clean, modern lines à la Tibi. I'd also love to get a pair (or two) of blue heels-bonus if they're metallic! Blue is one of the easiest colors to incorporate into both your wardrobe and your home-it's a relaxing, calm hue but brings more personality than a gray or black (yet blends seamlessly with both).   

Clockwise from top left: Nasty Gal Shoes || Tibi Twill Coat || West Elm Agate Bookend || BKR Water Bottle || DVF Austine Sweater || Dori Scengeri Icarus Earrings || Tess Giberson Leather Pencil Skirt || Zara Suede Pump || Clare Vivier Brocade Clutch || 7 For All Mankind Cigarette Jean || Elizabeth and James Blouse || Adrianna Papell Lace Dress || Noir Jewelry Necklace || Butter London polish in Scouse

Friday, October 18, 2013

Chunky Knits

When it starts to get cold, I start to get lazy (more so than usual). I wake up in the morning and start pulling on every layer I can find, and when it's almost time to leave, I look in the mirror and go "Really, Rose? You know you can't leave the house like that," and I have to frantically scramble to find something more seasonally appropriate-because it's still around 70 here during the day-leaving myself a nice big mess to come home to each night. I was a little too anxious to wear this Theysken's Theory sweater, though. I picked it up on sale from Matches Fashion in late summer and was immediately taken with the soft, cozy knit.
Sweater, Theysken's Theory || Pants, Zara || Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace, Sequin Jewelry || Lipstick, NARS Carthage

Photos: Jessica Sturdy

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weekend Casual

Once the event-loaded month of September died down, I finally had a few weekends to relax and just enjoy my city. I have been living in casual looks like the one you see here-and these pants from Express have been no exception. You may remember I've been crushing on the rag&bone version, but when I found these for just a third of the price (and then got another 25% off) I knew I had to get them. The other great thing about easy weekends is I'm able to carry around a much smaller bag-like this one from Danielle Nicole! It's a known fact I love the color blue, and this cross-body is the perfect size to fit my wallet, a good book and a few other essentials.
Jacket, old (similar) || T-shirt, Target || Necklace, vintage || Pants, Express || Shoes, Zara

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Two Years: A Love Letter to NYC

Two years ago, I checked over my (two large) suitcases and my childhood bedroom one last time and hopped on a plane for New York City. I’d been here all of once, 10 months earlier, in the middle of a 19-inch snowstorm and had barely left midtown. I knew no one other than distant acquaintances, and didn’t have so much as a job prospect. I’d just gone through a very weird and bad breakup-ironically with a man who lived on Long Island-and was in need of a change and a challenge. As life always goes, I got everything I wanted and then some, along with some things I didn’t along the way. 

The last two years has been full of ups and downs, happiness and heartbreak. There have been many struggles and truths I never dreamt I’d encounter so deeply or so harshly that have helped me to grow, every single day. Life in New York isn’t always kind or perfect, but I wouldn’t change it for anything right now-so here’s a little cheers to you, NYC, and some of the things you’ve taught me along the way.

Things I’ve learned from living in New York 

  1. What neighborhood you live in determines your friends, and often your social schedule.
    Especially if you don’t live in Manhattan, no matter how close to the island you are.
  2. You will not get a job because you’re looking for it, you’ll get a job because of someone you know.
    You may not even get the job because of anything to do with your skill set or resume, either.
  3. You can be surrounded by millions of other people and still feel very much alone.
    This isn’t always a bad thing, though, and you’ll find you have friends there for you when you didn’t even realize it.
  4. You will forgo closet space for longer than you ever thought possible.
    And in some cases, end up living in a room not much bigger than one
  5. You’ll learn it’s OK to spend time at home to yourself doing nothing while telling your friends you’re too busy to go out.
    The couch & TiVo will become your best friend at some point every few months.
  6. On that note, you’ll suffer from severe FOMO when you see all the things everyone else is doing.
    But you’ll realize that you can’t make it to every. single. event. you get invited to. There are so many (really cool) things happening in New York at any given moment, but you’re a human being who needs rest and downtime just like everyone else.
  7. You’ll go through phases of making and shedding friends.
    Usually, these are people who are in their first few months of living in NYC.
  8. You’ll find yourself preaching about the ways of NYC to friends who’ve not yet hit their first year here.
    Because everything really is different after a year. You know when someone tells you they’ve been out of school for a year, like it’s a long time, and you laugh (and feel old)? That’s what it’s like with people who’ve just moved to NYC. Also, don’t ever date these people.
  9. Brunch doesn’t count if you don’t have three different drinks in front of you.
    Coffee, Water and something alcoholic.
  10. Spend time wandering the city alone, and you’ll learn some of its best secrets. You’ll never be able to share all of those with someone else, though-New York is unique for everyone.
  11. Some days, you will hate the city-but it will hate you back that much harder.
    As a good friend of mine puts it, “New York is like the slightly abusive boyfriend that you like to show off.” And when you love New York, she loves you back even more. 
  12. When you go home to visit, everyone will be so impressed by you and the fact that you live here.
    You want to tell them the reality is you spend Friday nights on your couch because you’re too tired to go out, and events are considerably less glamourous than they look on television. But you don’t, because you kind of enjoy the aura living in NYC gives you.
  13. People who walk around looking at their cell phones deserve to be run into. And people who get on the subway before others have a chance to get off should be smacked. 
  14. You will get out of the subway and go the wrong way more often than you’ll admit, no matter how long you have lived here.
  15. You’ll get excited about nice cab drivers, and wonder why people think it’s surprising when you say “Thank you” and “Have a nice night!”.
    Once a Midwesterner, always a Midwesterner.
  16. You’ll join at least one online dating site and likely vehemently deny you ever have to your friends, but you’ll make a surprising amount of memories and friends because of it. You’ll also have some really bad dates, ranging from overly intense to incredibly weird.
    Like ones where he’ll insist on “one more drink, one more drink” until the bar closes-then give you a quick, bad kiss in the middle of the subway station before turning and RUNNING away, never to be encountered again. There will be dates with people just visiting NYC-that will include NYU dorms-and dates with far too many actors. Dates with men who find you intimidating, and with those who think you are boring. If you are me, you’ll have the incredibly terrible bad luck of running into nearly all of these men on public transit or the street at some point. (Yeah, I have some stories...)
  17. You will finally decide you can afford to join a gym and spend hours selecting one based on amenities and proximity to your work/home life, only to never go and then move jobs/homes.
  18. You won’t be able to go back home every time you want to, even for holidays.
    But you’ll find out that the memories you create with your new family out here are even better, like when you host nearly 20 people in your slightly-larger-than-average apartment for Thanksgiving because they can’t afford to go home then, either (hello, Baby’s Fifth Thanksgiving this year!). 
  19. There will be days when you feel sad, stressed and more overwhelmed than you ever imagined anyone could be.
    Luckily, these will be balance out by days where you’ll be in complete and utter awe of the beauty and compassion of this city that you call your home.
  20. In the end, there’s nowhere else you’d rather live. New York has taught me more about myself in two years than I had learned in my previous 20+.
    The first time I flew back to the city after a trip home, I looked down at the skyline as we flew over at sunset and knew that this was my home now. It may not always be my home-who knows where I’ll be in a year, five years, or even ten-but for now, I’m going to enjoy every minute I have in this magical city.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Swingy Skirts

I'm sure you've been seeing plenty of New Yorkers (bloggers & otherwise) talking about the little Indian Summer in NYC and I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but it's true. Despite the fact that these photos seriously allude to fall (hello, colorful leaves!) all last week we had temperatures in the 70's and 80's. I had to get the last few miles of no tights out of my swingy a-line skirts while I still could! 

I stayed up very late the night 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target came out-blame it on my recent addiction to Scandal (in case you're wondering-I'm all caught up as of last night!). I was more and more disappointed with the fit as I tried each item on, but I was saving the skirt for last-and I'm so glad I did. It's long enough to wear to work, incredibly flattering and just plain fun. Oh, and the tote? It's 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target, too...of course I was going to keep that!
Boots, Zara || Necklace, Sequin Jewelry || Lipstick, Model Co

*One last thing* 

I feel like most girls dream of being able to be in NYC for New York Fashion Week at least once in their life, but not everyone is lucky enough to live here (or even get invited!). You all know I've been blessed to be able to attend because of work since I first moved here, but now you can enter for a chance to attend the next one!

ECCO is giving away an all-expenses-paid trip to NYFW through their Smile Your Way to Style sweepstakes. All you have to do is vote for your favorite pair of shoes from their Sculptured 75 line-so easy! They'll give away a free pair of shoes each week and the Grand Prize winner will win a trip for 2 to NYC in February. Hopefully, it's you, ya' lucky reader, so we can meet up in NYC! Head over here to enter-good luck! :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mad for Plaid

When I was 13, I had this really great pair of pants I'd picked up at some mall chain store-they were the perfect red plaid, tapered and flattering. Of course, 13-year-old me knew absolutely nothing about style (confession: I was a grunge/punk kid, more often in flannel & concert tees than not!), but my fashion sense matured with age and now-adult me wishes I still had/could still fit into those perfect red plaid pants. Alas, I'm sure they found their way to Goodwill, and hopefully to someone who knew how to style them, so adult me is on the hunt for a new perfect plaid. I think any of the above would do, don't you?

Monday, October 7, 2013

Style Anatomy: Wine & Leather

I can have a lot of trouble getting dressed in the mornings. Sometimes, I know exactly what I want to wear and it comes out just how I imagined, but more often than not I end up hating everything I own because combinations always look much better in my head than in the mirror. I forget about the little details-the fit, the hardware, the colors-that can make a seemingly perfect combination clash. I've found that if I focus on one piece I'd really like to wear and build up from there, it can (sometimes-not always) lead to a look I really love, like this one!
This look started with the leather accented oxblood top. I was heading to a show at Terminal 5 in the evening and knew I wanted something brooding, tinged with punk, so I added a pair of black skinnies and my favorite Jeffrey Campbells. Chilly fall weather calls for a jacket, and nothing says rock-n-roll like a leather one. Since I'm rarely without lip color, I opted for a dark wine-tinted stain. The final touches are, of course, all in blue. I picked up this hat a few weeks ago and had been itching for the perfect opportunity to wear it; the sunnies & scarf are regulars in my arsenal and happened to blend seamlessly into the rest of this look. Et, voilà! So many of my favorite pieces, working in harmony. 
Jacket, L.A. find (similar) || Top, Zara (similar) || Jeans, 7 For All Mankind
Boots, Jeffrey Campbell || Bag, Phillip Lim for Target || Scarf, Italian street vendor
Hat, Goorin Brothers || Sunglasses, Ray-Ban || Lipstain, Bite Beauty || Blue & Gold Necklace, Lionette

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Weekly Wants

I know, I know. Weekly Wants didn't make any appearances last month, but I'm getting my sh*t together (slowly)! I'm clearly still on a neutrals kick, and spending lots of time in NoLIta & SoHo has put me on a slight rocker binge, too. Not on this week's post-but just about the only thing on my mind? The most amazing leather vest I spotted at All Saints this week (and that's only because I can't find it online!). The gorgeous, cozy, very soft cardigan I was eyeing made the list, though. 

I also had a chance this past week to try out the full line of First Aid Beauty skincare and after just one use, I was hooked! My skin looked smoother & brighter, and a dark spot I've had for a while already looked faded. If I had to recommend one product (so far), the facial radiance pads would be it. And when your skin is looking good, some sparkly jewelry & bright lipstick are just the right finishing touches ;)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

ECCO: Sculptured 75

Since you all know that I've been pretty slow with updating lately, it shouldn't come as a surprise that these pictures are from a party I attended a few weeks back for ECCO shoes, celebrating the launch of their Sculptured 75 line for fall! 

It was my last day at my old job, so I was a little out of it and didn't manage to take ANY photos myself other than this snap of the adorable "Smile" theme. Thank goodness there was a photographer!
It was pretty dark in there, so you'll have to excuse the low-quality lighting of my photographic skills. It was great to catch up with Ashley, Jessica & Hallie, along with meeting a few new friends. I also picked up the Sculptured 75 ankle bootie, which I of course haven't had a chance to wear now that we're back up to 80 degrees every day. I'm looking forward to wearing them all winter (especially with a tights/skirt or dress combo)-they're incredibly comfortable! You can see how Ashley styled them (& read what she thinks) here.
*Ed. note (to myself): wear more mascara/eyeliner next time someone's taking your picture. A little blush wouldn't hurt, either.

Wearing: Anthropologie Dress || Faux Leather Jacket || Steven by Steve Madden Boots

*Party photos courtesy of ECCO/Mullen PR