Thursday, September 26, 2013

One Year Ago...

So, a year ago today, I decided to post for the first time on this little slice of the Internet I'd claimed for my own (several months before I actually posted-but do us both a favor and don't worry about going back that far). It may be a little cliché to say "Hey guys, today's my 'blog-iversary' and here's a cupcake and you should celebrate with me!" but that's why I chose a donut cake instead (clearly more awesome). You don't have to celebrate with me, but if you end up eating an extra donut (or cupcake/cookie/cake/sweets etc.) at least I'm giving you a pretty great reason. 

On a more serious note, this has been a wonderful journey, adventure and learning experience. I've made some great connections and incredible friends. I don't know where I'll be-in life or with this blog-a year from now, but I hope that wherever I am I've grown at least half as much as I have this past year. Lastly, thanks to YOU for coming here, whether it's your first visit or you drop by daily-I may post for myself, but it's the readers who keep me inspired! 


  1. Yay! So exciting! Huge congrats girlfriend! Xo

  2. happppppy blog-irthday/blog-iversary!!! blow out a candle & make a wish for next year!! xo - chels @ :)

  3. Happy blogiversary, Rose! Cheers to another year.

  4. CONGRATS, Rose! That is so awesome!! First of all, I love the doughnut cake. Hahaha. Totally up my alley. Secondly, I had no idea that you started your blog only a year ago! You're such a pro! Congrats on a fabulous year. :)


  5. So exciting:) And I want a donut now:)


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