Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pattern Mixing

After seeing this scarf on at least six other bloggers in the last few weeks (although I really did see Jessica rocking it first, followed by 10 instagrams from other bloggers in the coming weeks), I feel like it should be on Sh*t Bloggers Wear, officially. Honestly, though, I picked it up because I love things that can double as blankets (no, seriously, wait til you see the other one I got the same day! Perfect for the plane home next week) and I'm also a fan of the mohair/plaid trend this season, so sue me for making you look at the same scarf one more time. 

Anyways, scarf stories aside, I've also been living in these Schutz boots I picked up on Black Friday (as mentioned in yesterday's post, I'm all about gifts for myself). Tall, black, flat and lined with faux-fur, they'll be getting me through this winter one cold, snowy day at a time—including the 12 I'm about to spend in even colder, snowier Iowa!


  1. You look stunning !!!

    I invite you to my blog

  2. Love this combo! I'm not really a scarf person, but I'm tempted by the blankety goodness of that one :)


  3. You are charming in all the clothing styles, and why ever of pants or leather skirt? It is so much trendy at the moment and i think that that will be very well to you.

  4. That's such a gorgeous outfit! And you're so pretty!
    Just found your blog and definitely following :)

    Anna xo

  5. I don't even care that I've seen this scarf everywhere, I still want it! It's so cozy looking, and the plaid is perfect!

  6. I'm not tired of seeing this scarf yet & am kicking myself for not picking it up! Love how you styled it! I feel the same about blanket scarves, perfect for chilly offices & frigid planes!