Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Beach Day

It seems like a cruel twist that as I write this, the skies outside my window are dark and the air is cool, but just two days ago it was what I think is universally referred to as "the perfect day"—85, light humidity, a breeze in the air and hardly a cloud in the sky. Which meant the only logical thing to do was load up a friend's car and head out to Jones Beach.
Getting there was an ordeal…we'd originally been planning on the weekend before, but bad weather ruined that one for us and we were dying to get out in the ocean one last time before summer ends. Thankfully, postponing a week brought us three straight days of heavenly weather and the chance to use my friend's car instead of a rented Zipcar. A godsend, if you will, because about 10 minutes out from the beach as we cruised along at about 10 miles an hour, we got rear-ended! I'll spare you the long story except to say that no one was seriously injured (I've been nursing a headache for a couple days and a touch of soreness in my neck; my other friends in the backseat also hit their heads) and the car suffered minimal damage; the worst parts were the occupants of the other car trying to make small-talk with us and getting to the beach an hour and a half later than we'd planned. All worth it once we arrived, though!
We try to pack beach days in to as many weekends as possible, but somehow much of this summer escaped before any truly solid days could be had—until Sunday, that is. The Rockaways are a great option if you don't have a car  available, but they can get crowded and the water's a touch dirtier than you'd probably want to admit while there; the nearly 2-hour subway ride in your swimsuit is considerably less fun than a quick 45-minute car ride to the cleaner beaches of Long Island, too. The sparkling blue hues struck us as soon as we crossed the sand, and I think my friend & I made it all of 15 minutes before we were in the water. The beach towel above wins for my new favorite beach accessory, though—huge, soft, and a giant whale of an image of a presumed old New Yorker cover! It took me an embarrassingly long time to get a beach towel (ahem, this is my first) out here and stop taking my bath towels with me...especially considering this one's super affordable ;)
Getting knocked on my ass by a HUGE wave…still not sure if I should be thankful my friend was there to capture the aftermath!
And, of course, what good is a beach day if you don't say a little thanks to the sun and sea gods after a long soak in the ocean? There are no more beach trips on my calendar in what's left of summer, but I'm hopeful we get a beautiful season next year.


  1. Oh! WHat a beautiful place! :)
    And I really love ur romper and swimsuit :)


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  2. Wonderful pics dear, visit me maybe we can follow each other? kisses x


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