Tuesday, September 16, 2014

White After Labor Day

September, man…

Halfway through, and yet it feels like we just got going. What started as an unintentional hiatus here turned intentional after a few days. It was a hard decision to make, consciously letting go of the content I'd been trying to build up and ignore the numbers in favor of focusing on my personal and professional lives outside this space, but it was necessary.

Now that I'm ready to dive back in, I'm also working on creating some new content outside of "hey, here's what I was wearing when I did ________ over the weekend"...as much as I love a pretty outfit picture, I know that I love coming to blogs to discover new and exciting things and I hope to be able to bring more of that to this space! Stay tuned. In the mean time, here's a "hey, here's what I wore to NYFW and my Zappos Recharge event weekend before last" post ;) 
While I've been stepping back from NYFW in recent seasons now that I don't attend quite as much for work, it's still impossible to avoid completely...but this season I think I found the perfect mix of meet-ups, events, shows and downtime (note to self: next time, don't get back from a trip 36 hours before it all starts and it'll go even smoother!). Breaking chronological order here, this look is from Sunday, when I spent the day catching up with a girlfriend over brunch at a new-to-us spot in the West Village, swinging by a presentation downtown and heading up to Lincoln Center to host a style session at the Zappos Recharge booth. If you dropped by to say hello, thank you!! It was a ton of fun, the Zappos team is a blast to hang out with (and I was majorly coveting all the pieces they had on set, natch).
I've already broken the no-white-after-Labor-Day rule multiple times, but I've never been very good at following rules in the first place. On my last night at home, my mom and I were clearing out an old closet (saying goodbye to all my school formal dresses...a little sorry I don't have pics from that for a good laugh, but there is a great one at the bottom of this post!) and we came across a few silk skirt-suits of hers from the 80's. She said she'd never wear them again and they luckily fit me (a little tightly), so I stuffed my suitcase to fit them in! This skirt is from one set, with the jacket, it's a little Victorian/older Chanel looking and I opted to dress it down thanks to the hot temps and my supreme laziness (sorry, mom!). 
And, just for fun…if you've ever wondered what fashion bloggers are like when they're taking pictures of themselves, on, the street, so we can post pictures of ourselves on the Internet…well, I can't answer for everyone else, but I can tell you I get pretty ridiculous. If I haven't seen the person taking my pictures in a while, I use it as an opportunity to play catch-up. Which means about 65% of the photos end up with me looking ridiculous. I'd guess another 15% of the time I'm doing things like the below, which is what happens when I'm tired and…gesturing? Walking like an Egyptian? Auditioning for Wheel of Fortune (Vanna White retired, right)? At this point, even I don't know.

P.S.—if you want to see more outfit outtakes, let me know in the comments!
Photos by Emily Tozer