Friday, December 19, 2014

Link Love

TGIF! Like many of the weeks preceding, this week seems to have felt impossibly long, likely because I've been counting down to this weekend in my head pretty much since I got back to London. 
Why, you might ask? Because I'm heading home for the holidays on (a very very early flight) Sunday morning, which means three things—sleep, LOTS of Netflix, and cuddling with my dog. Most of the adults in my family, a.k.a. everyone but my cousin who's in college, are in serious relationships/married/with children, leaving me to be the lone single adult in the family (obviously my response is "Yeah but I live in New York City"). This means it's totally excusable for me to barely get dressed over the week I'm home except to hit up old haunts at night with friends in town—and I totally own it.  

My theoretical plans include getting some more things together for this little blog, as I've got some thoughts and reflections on 2014 along with goals and things I'm looking forward to in 2015. But, first, I'm going to set no alarms for a few days and have already booked an end-of-year massage at a favorite little spa in Des Moines as a treat to myself! We'll see how far I get on all of that, but I'm looking forward to hitting the *reset* button after a great but long year. Now, for the good stuff—links to browse, read and shop while you're procrastinating at work (because hey, it's Friday, and it's almost Christmas).

I could totally relate to Victoria's post on real life vs. instagram—many of my feelings are the same!

If you're a total last-minute gift shopper but hate going to the store...Zappos has free two-day shipping! Confession: I purchased several gifts from my family from their pretty amazing selection.

Did you watch How It's made in college? It was a procrastination favorite of mine...this is a great read on How It's Made is made.

I'm moving bedrooms in my apartment soon (doubling my space!), so I'm pinning TONS of interior inspiration right now.

I recently discovered The Financial Diet and spent an afternoon reading every. single. post. If you're a 20-something who needs to get your financial sh*t together (*raises hand*), it'll be like a friend cheering you on—and giving you a serious wake-up call. 

Jonathan Adler just added tons of new markdowns to their sale section (up to 50% off!). Great gifts & little pick-me-ups galore.

I've made it a goal to read more this year, especially classic literature I missed out on growing up (I just finished a George Orwell book and am currently in the midst of some Hemingway!). The NY Times also released their 100 Notable Books of 2014—I only made it to a handful! How many did you read? 

Anthropologie is offering 20% off selected gifts right now—including that heavily 'grammed monogram mug.

Hallie celebrated a birthday recently and shared some great reflections...wisdom much-needed since I'm rapidly approaching my late 20's (seriously, how is my ten-year high school reunion in just over a year?).

I usually find these posts pretty sappy, but this one's worth a share: why you should move to a city where you don't know anyone.

Hitha always has the best travel tips, and this is one to bookmark—eating healthy while traveling! I always pack snacks, especially since it can be tough to track down relatively healthy veggie-friendly meals in airports.

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  1. Have a great 2015!

  2. happy new year baby!!! very nice picture. ;)
    this is my last post, if you want check it out:

  3. I always love the real life vs. instagram posts!

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  5. It looks like 2014 was great cheers to the New Year!
    Xo Miss Erin
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