Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Musings from my racing mind

Well, I wish I could say this is my first blog post ever, but it's actually my second go at a blog.

I used to write and maintain a healthy living blog over on tumblr, but once I moved to New York City (almost a year ago...the time has flown by!) it became harder to manage my time for workouts, and even harder to maintain regular, original content.

I'm still working out the direction this will go, like all bloggers first do, but I want to keep a collection of my thoughts, inspiration, desires and hopefully integrate a bit of my old healthy lifestyle posts, as well. I work in fashion (jewelry!), love design and spaces, know my way around a camera (degree included!) and have so much inspiration in my life from my city, my job, my friends, and the blogs and sites I visit on a regular basis. There's been a lot rolling around my mind lately that I want to keep in one place-no better time to start than now!

SO, I suppose one can expect a general lifestyle blog to evolve here, complete with interior shots, fashion inspiration, wants, and my own style, and all the other lovely bits of my life!

I'm going to leave off with a photo I snapped on my (shiny new!) iPhone on the subway earlier today...

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