Friday, September 28, 2012

My dog is my best friend

When I moved to NYC, the thing I left behind in Des Moines that I miss the most is my dog, Mollie.

Mollie & I at the dog park last year
She's a rescue dog from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, an Australian Shepherd mix & was my 18th birthday present when I got back from my freshman year of college. It sucks something terrible to be away from her for such long periods of time-but she's at home, with our three other dogs, and a huge, one-acre backyard to run around in!

Checking for squirrels in the backyard

I couldn't resist...that's my sister passed out on the couch at home, with all four dogs-(L to R) Zeus, Zoe (in the blue chair), my sister Ana, Mollie and Tigger (in the kennel to the far right)
Yesterday, while browsing one of my favorite blogs, Apartment 34, I came across a guest post by Chris Olson of Momathon Blog, clicked over to her blog, she'd just posted the sketch below!

Dogs Are My Fave original post

 An idea immediately started brewing in my mind, and I reached out to her to see if she could do a sketch of all four of our dogs for me. We're now discussing details, and I can't wait to share the outcome with everyone! You can check out more of her portfolio here.

Mollie, Zeus and Zoe working on new chewbones

Mollie, Zoe and Tigger