Monday, March 25, 2013

Getting Inspired: Black & White Fashion

I started a seasonal deep cleaning of my wardrobe over the weekend to take inventory of what I have and don't have for the upcoming months, along with getting rid of things I haven't worn in ages (I am really, really bad at this, FYI). These seasonal cleanings are also a springboard for getting inspired or trying new trends, as most of us have all the right pieces, we just haven't seen them together yet (or, if you're like me, you have little closet space so everything gets buried in stacks & you completely forget about things you own. Who even knows what shoes are hiding under my bed). 

Black & white is a popular, easy to pull off trend for spring but one that's harder for me to try, because in case you haven't noticed I have a slight love of wearing as many brights as I can. I'm trying to remind myself that wearing neutrals or muted colors can be just as fashionable and the above images are perfect inspiration! I'll add my color with a bright accessory or punchy lip color instead.

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