Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weekly Wants

This week's weekly wants is a little clothing-heavy, probably because I've half a mind to do some serious wardrobe cleaning again as I prepare to put all my summer clothes away. As much as I love color (evidence here, here, herehere oh and here), I've been drawn to simple whites, blacks and military greens more often lately. Fear not-I'll never lose my color-loving side, but some days I think it'd be easier for me to get dressed in the morning if I had more neutral pieces to match some of my crazier ones. I'm also planning to pick up a French course this fall to freshen up my language skills (I did get a degree in it, after all), so a little "je t'aime" around my neck would be the perfect touch for fall. My love of gold accents is clearly showing no sign of slowing down, either. Oh, and can we take a minute to talk about 1820 House candles? I found a small selection of their items at a little shop in Boerum Hill earlier this summer and could not. stop. smelling. the sandalwood and cardamom scent the entire time I was in the store! One came home with me, but I've almost burned through it and am in need of several to go around my apartment. I have never smelled anything so wonderful in my entire life.


  1. Love these picks! Especially the "Drink More Gin" print and the leather-look tee!

    xo honestly, b.

  2. I love Jennifer Meyer. All these picks are great!


  3. I love all your picks! I just found your blog- love it!


  4. Love this post! Loving all items above. Black, white and leather has been on my mind for fall too.


  5. AHhh that Gin print!! and that zara vest is a must. for sure.

  6. I love that tote. So cute and such a good price!

  7. The 1820 House candles are seriously fantastic, and if you like the sandalwood and cardamom scent, you should take a stroll through the brick and mortar store in East Palestine, Ohio, and experience all the others scents available. I am fortunate that 1820 House is just a 15 minute drive from my home. And Melissa Parker Smith, the owner/artisan of 1820 House, is a wonderful, giving person. Good pick!

  8. taking french seems like as good a reason as any to pick up that adorable necklace. Also totally loving the white vest!
    Chic on the Cheap

    1. Cool selection!!!


  9. Great selection. Love the vest , necklace and booties