Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Errand Gear

 Two things dawned on me while uploading these photos. First, after some sparkly holiday outfits, my style has gotten notably more casual. It's partly a defense mechanism against the cold (it's a lot easier to get away with fleece ski leggings underneath jeans than dressy trousers), partly out of sheer laziness and no desire to deal with winter weather and cloudy, gray days. Layers are my armor for weekends spent running errands, doing everything I procrastinate all week, ahem, laundry and groceries

My second realization was that not a single photo was captured where I was really looking at the camera (and not making a dumb face), but in my defense it was an incredibly windy day and the new layers in my hair aren't as cooperative about staying put—not some weird case of shyness suddenly cropping up.

Photos by Emily Tozer