Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The World is Your Atlas: Three Jane New York

It's no secret I love where I'm from and (permanently) showing it off, so I was incredibly excited when I discovered costume jewelry company Three Jane by Katie Schloss while browsing magazines for inspiration at the jewelry company I used to work for. There was an article on her growing company and the signature, customized map necklaces she creates that represent someplace special, real or imaginary (like the address "3 Jane Street") to the wearer. She creates 14k gold-plated charms with a tiny diamond on the chosen location, varying from monuments like the Empire State Building in NYC to wedding locations, proposal spots, favorite travels, schools and even fantasy locations (my favorite is a Great Gatsby-themed map!). 

Check out a little Q&A I did with founder Katie Schloss below, then hop over to their website to check out everything Three Jane offers—the line has been expanding to other jewelry, like semi-precious stone necklaces and a bottle-opener bracelet that was featured on Good Morning America.
When did you found Three Jane? We launched our website in November 2012, so our site just had its first birthday!

What was the inspiration behind the line? My little sister was studying abroad in London, and I was trying to think of a gift for her, which was no easy task.  Eventually, I came up with making a Map Necklace of the house we grew up in, that way she could have a little piece of home wherever she went.
From there, I started to create a line based upon travel, customization, and the occasional quirk.

Are there any particular places you feel attached to? The West Village, Paris (I studied abroad there), my parents' house in Connecticut.

What's your most proud accomplishment so far with Three Jane? I'm fortunate enough to have had many proud accomplishments.  We recently made all of the jewelry for Jennifer Lawrence's sister-in-law's wedding; we're in InStyle's "Holiday Gift Guide" (on stands now!); we've worked with amazing celebrities such as Allison Williams and Olivia Wilde. There's a lot to be proud of, but we're always striving for more.

What's next for Three Jane? We're currently working on a line of 10 custom pieces of jewelry, while working on a series of mini collections, each of which is based off of different places from all around the world.  We'll also be re-doing our entire website to create a better platform for these designs.

Who's the Three Jane girl? The wonderful thing about Three Jane is that there is no one Three Jane girl.  The Three Jane girl is anyone from a high school student to a soon-to-be mother about to welcome her first child into the world.  Three Jane is a company that wants to be with its customers through their most momentous occasions, so if I had to pick one ideal customer, it would be a girl who graduated from high school, college, got her first job, moved to her first apartment, maybe married, maybe had kids, sharing and commemorating each milestone with Three Jane.

How long have you been in NYC, and what do you love most about it? I've been living in New York City for 18 years, and it's truly one of the only cities that has everything: Music, food, fashion, art, Broadway… There are very few cities where you can find an opportunity, no matter your profession, and for that reason, everyday is filled with interesting people and endless possibilities.

What's your favorite place you've been to so far, and what's a place you hope to visit in the future? I went to Iceland recently, which is an incredible place. Great music, amazing people, wonderful food, beautiful scenery, and an excuse to wear your favorite patterned tights—it's impossible to have a bad time there.  I have a very long list of places I'd like to go in the future, Bali, Indonesia, Australia, Bora Bora, Fiji... the list goes on!
Check out everything Three Jane has to offer over on their website!

All photos taken by Rose Mayo for Blonde in this City. 


  1. Aww I love these. Doing an engagement spot is such a cute idea (even for a non-sentimentalist like me)! xx

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