Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Notes // Link Love

Kicking the week off in reverse with the link love post I didn't get to this weekend thanks to the extra-large glass of wine that became my dinner on Friday night. I know, priorities!

To recap the weekend in a few words: so. much. sun. Saturday started very bright and early with a 2-hour subway ride to a much needed beach day (the only thing I'll drop #SoulSurvivor for—sorry, Hallie & Jess!). Despite slathering my pale skin in SPF 70+ every hour, that sun devil burned through my defenses in a few patches, but I'm hoping coconut oil can pull off the usual miracle and keep me from peeling (you can scoop up my favorite brand here—I've been using it as body lotion, hair mask and lip balm for the past year). I capped off the night with a small dinner party on my back porch and rounded out my Sunday with brunch at an old favorite in the East Village with Emily. I also conveniently managed to accomplish absolutely nothing on my to-do list, but my summer priorities tend to go something like this: beach, sun, friends, drinks (especially margaritas), brunch.
#Sorrynotsorry, am I right?

Also on my radar:

Today's influencers give advice to 20-somethings. Definitely worth the read!

Investing in a much-needed beach blanket this summer.

I recently had a terrible experience with Megabus—the way they handled their customer service guaranteed I'll never use them again, so Breanna's post on burning bridges struck close to home!

My dream shoe is half off (but still a serious investment). Should I bite the bullet anyways?

Zara—where fashion insiders go for an edge (and you should, too!). 

NARS satin lip pencils have become my go-to summer lip color thanks to their easy, rich color!

Has anyone tried the Marilyn hair mask from Lush? Thinking about picking it up to keep my locks bright this summer and would love to hear any reviews!

The perfect denim shorts for summer.

Stunning bathroom design over on Kate's blog.

On repeat. This, too.

This beautiful Suno dress is great for summer soirĂ©es—and it's on sale, too!

Chia Seed Oats/Pudding has become my go-to breakfast. Super easy to make! I layer mine with my mom's homemade preserves, granola and slivered almonds.

Photo by Rose Mayo for Blonde in this City

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  1. I can't wait to try that chia seed pudding. Another friend told me about it on Saturday too..must be on everyone's radar! So glad we got to catch up Friday! xx