Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Indian Summer

Today's post is an homage to the weather, while we all nervously await the arrival of colder weather this weekend (only 45ยบ on Saturday…I don't want to think about it).
Here in NYC, we're going to hit a high near 70 (!) for the day. While that's not quite like a summer 70, where the sun feels warm and you could even break a small sweat, I'll take it. Today's IRL look includes a sleeveless black maxi tee dress with a light sweater layered on top, but I'm nostalgic for a few weekends back when temps neared 80 and I was able to head out in my favorite chambray pants and a lightweight (ahem, slightly sheer) tank for a day of brunch and rooftop hangs in Brooklyn. After today, I think it'll be time to say goodbye to bare legs 'til next spring, and start looking toward my next adventure…London! That's all I've got for today, as I've got to dash out the door for a work conference (well, really I have plenty of time, but it'd be a waste of a day if I miss the free coffee/breakfast part…that's like, at least half the reason I agree to go to these things).


  1. I'm going to embrace today's high as well, and not look forward to 45 this weekend - brrr!
    Love the bright tank and the cuffed denim... why can't it just stay 70 for a bit longer?

  2. This "fall" has been so warm this year in NY! I have to admit though that I've been enjoying the perfect weather. I don't want winter to come!

    I really love your jeans, btw.


  3. Oh gosh, are those elephants?! This tank is adorable! And I love this outfit for those warmer Fall days!!
    xo TJ


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