Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lazy Sunday // Link Love

Oh, Sunday…you sure got here fast! I see you brought gusty fall weather—the perpetually uninvited guest. No matter, here's hoping everyone is curled up with a cup of coffee this morning, maybe catch up on your DVR for the week!
After all that's been going on the last few weeks months, during which I've barely spent a night a week at home, splitting the rest between work and events, drinks with friends, going to performances, weekend travel and basically saying "yes" to everything imaginable, it really didn't surprise me that by Friday I was feeling majorly burned out. Although work is incredibly busy, I couldn't seem to get much of anything done buy the end of last week—one of those "so much to do, you don't do anything" kind of days, layered on top of exhaustion.

The list could go on and on, but I don't want you to think I'm just playing the "Oh my god I'm SO busy. Like, really, really busy" card…(most) all this busy-ness has certainly been by choice, and it's lead to one of the best years of my life to date! This weekend, though, I just needed to step back and chill out. By Friday night, I was ready to doze off at the ballet and the champagne at the after party wasn't doing me any favors, so I cut out a little early, actually did doze off a tiny bit on the train, came home and fell asleep with all my lights (and makeup) on til 4a, then finally went to bed and didn't set an alarm, which is rare for me. It was so nice to wake up on my own, and I opted to make zero plans for the day. I won't bore you with the rest of the details, except to say my roommates and I did a little feng shui last night til about 2a that has me considering sharing parts of our apartment on here this winter.

Now, since I need to go get ready for brunch (yup, being one of those people today!), I'll leave you with the links I've been bookmarking this week:

Really enjoyed reading Jamie's take on the whole blogger burnout thing on the web right now.

I shared The Cut's hilarious article on "basic bitches" with my co-worker last week, which prompted him to go get his last pumpkin spice latté ever, because he doesn't want to be basic anymore. PSA: pumpkin is not a spice!

Looking for pretty Parisian photos? Hallie's postcards from Paris will do the trick! Warning: inspires wanderlust.

Eventbrite has a great fall guide to NYC…and so does the Otte Blog!

Pretty dotted dishes from West Elm.

How to be more productive at work (a.k.a., advice I desperately needed this week).

I recently got my much-beloved blanket scarf out for the season, which has me looking for a new style or  two to add to my wardrobe this year!

Beautiful still life photography.

I'm a little late sharing this, but Jennifer Lawrence's response to the nude photo scandal reminded me of why I admire her, so much.

Lusting after a pair of blue suede boots for fall. I'm torn between a heeled pair, a flat pair or a lace-up pair!

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  1. I have done that recently as well (fall asleep out of sheer exhaustion with full makeup on only to wake up later) (that's when you know you've had a good night). I say it's time to take do some pampering for yourself!

    Another Beautiful Thing

  2. love the picture of the breakkie in bed and glad i found your blog, this post made me remember how deliciously tiring it was to be your age ...

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