Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Every fall/winter season, I seem to pick one styling technique and subconsciously stick with with for several months. Two years ago, it was tights under dresses and skirts, last year it was dark wash jeans with chunky sweaters, and this year I'm all about sweaters over dresses.  
I snagged this pretty printed Madewell dress on sale about a month ago, but the temps had already dropped too much to wear it alone. I didn't want to give up on it completely for the season (because there's something that feels so great about wearing new clothes for the first time, too) so I scoured through my current sweater collection until I came across this cropped black one, last seen here. The fitted knit fit perfectly over the looser, flowing silhouette of the dress, and I've since repeated it with another Madewell dress (I guess I shop in pairs!) and a similar, hi-lo sweater.
That's all I've got for today…still a little time to kill before work, and I haven't packed a thing for London! I head out tomorrow night, so stay tuned for some across-the-pond coverage in the coming weeks, and make sure to follow me on instagram for (somewhat) real time updates!

P.S.—to whomever shouted "I love your blog!" out a car window while I was shooting these, if you actually do, thanks! If you just though I was Blair Eadie since it was the West Village and I have long blonde hair, I'm equally flattered.
525 America Sweater  c/o Zappos || Madewell Printed Shirtdress || Sole Society Boots (similar)


  1. I love this layering trick! Definitely going to give it a go :)

  2. Love how you updated this dress for fall!

  3. absolutely love this outfit, and that hattt!!! xoxo


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