Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dream Home: Spanish Barn House

I've always had some level of fascination with things that are old, either turning them into something new or studying the decay and decline...this house fits into the first category. Located in Spain, it's an old, beautiful, stone barn that was converted into a comfortably sized house! I know what you're probably thinking-barns are always dark, damp and dingy, and perhaps this one was before it became a house but someone must have had a wonderful vision for it because each room feels open and full of light. My personal favorite is the bedroom with a stunning open archway and a sliding door behind it for privacy.

Images via El Mueble

I could spend DAYS in that back yard! Pool? Check. Garden? Check. Lots of sunshine? Check. All that's missing is a good book and a tall, cold drink.

Happy Wednesday!