Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to Dress Like an Athlete

Even if you aren't really one ;)

Maybe it's that I've finally made it back to my gym after a very long lapse between visits, but I have been digging sporty-cool vibes everywhere lately (bonus: doubles as motivation to actually get your butt to the gym).

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The key is to look for the same kind of details you want out of fitness gear: vibrant colors (think lots of neon), racing stripes, geometric and graphic shapes, and a hint of cutout details. Sheer fabrics and mesh work great with this trend, as do crop tops-hey, if you're gonna sweat, you gotta show some skin! Top everything off with a bright, athletic jacket or parka, and don't be afraid to mix in actual workout pieces as long as you skip the running shoes at the bottom. Keep accessories simple, like a bright, rubber bracelet or some impossibly cool sunglasses (see below) and a swipe of bright lipstick.

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