Friday, April 19, 2013

Leopard + Florals (& Friday Link Love)

I've had a bit of a crush on floral patterns this spring, which may be old news to everyone else in the world but crushing on them this hard is pretty new for me-I've always been more of one for bright, solid colors. I also happen to have a cute pair of leopard shoes that I have ended up rocking with my floral print pants not once but twice this past month. At first, it felt a little strange, since the pants are so bright & a leopard print is a bit darker, but I actually came to love the combo

I am so looking forward to this weekend-it'll be halfway decent weather, and I get to spend it in my city without traveling again anytime too soon. I hope you have a good weekend planned (weather not included-snow in the midwest?!) wherever you are, too! Here's a few links to give you something to look at this weekend if you're stuck inside or choose to spend half the day in bed (there's no shame in that, I'll probably be doing the same)!

This little Etsy shop is full of cute prints in fun sayings & bright colors.

These abandoned places are absolutely stunning, and as my friend said when I sent it to him-I want to visit all of them.

All Saints recently became my new favorite store in NYC, & I am crushing on this dress (& a few others) hard. 

Victoria at SF Girl by Bay wrote a great post about the frustrations of using social media.

There's something sweet & romantic about a nice set of pajama's, & I really want everything from Imogene and Willie.

Dying to visit this garden shop in Brooklyn-definitely taking my mom when she comes out for a visit next month! 

How cool does this talk from entrepreneurs on Monday at the FIAF sound? I think I'll be picking up a ticket! 

I've never shopped at Uniqlo, but this collab might be the thing to get me in there.

I'm about to start reading World War Z-this tank top made me laugh. Also, a tee for baseball fans & kids of the 90's.

Happy Friday!


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