Friday, August 2, 2013

Surf, Sunshine & Link Love

It's finally Friday! Even though I don't have anything big planned for this weekend since I'll be working most of it, I'm still incredibly glad it's here and I'm looking forward to low key hangs-and maybe knocking out some of the 3500+ unread posts I have over on Bloglovin (eek!).

Zara released their fall campaign today and it is gorgeous. I'll take one of everything, please.

This list of 9 epiphanies of the mind that will change your world has been circulating for a while, but a friend shared it again this week and I thought I'd spread the word.

Speaking of ways to change your world, simple yoga mudras to change your mood.

Food Typography, literally.

I started a fall wish list. Most-lusted for item this year? Great sweaters.

Alkemie makes some pretty cool rings-like this horse saddle inspired one.

If you haven't heard Royals by Lorde yet, you need to listen now! Then go check out the rest of her stuff :)

Grilled corn with avocado, quinoa and black beans. Need I say more?

In case you were wondering what to read next.

Making a point to visit as many speakeasy-bars in NYC as I can this year-Little Branch might be my new favorite.

There is such a thing as a Bill Murray coloring book. Watch out, friends, I know what I'm getting you for your next birthday.

I have a thing for learning all about the history of the NYC subways and came across this fantastic article on the typefaces of the subway system.

Easy way to carry not one, but two bottles of wine. Picnic in the park, anyone?

doNYC has a list of summertime drinking places in NYC, and I've only got a month left to hit all of them (I see you, Astoria!).

Victoria shared more photos of her incredible apartment in the city this week. What I wouldn't give for a staircase in my apartment-so much more glamourous than climbing stairs OUTSIDE your apartment.

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  1. Lovely post!!love all the pictures!! :)
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  2. Love love love all of these pictures!


  3. Eek, I'm totally guilty of having thousands of unread posts on Bloglovin' too - so bad!
    xx lexi @ glitter, inc.

  4. Nice photos ! I love the summer and sunny days :)