Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weekend Casual + Inside My Bag

The weather in NYC has been beyond perfect over the last week or so, with warm, breezy temps during the day-but you can feel that touch of coolness on the underside of the air, whispering that fall is coming. While I'm admittedly not the biggest fan of fall (not helped by the fact that winter follows), I do love the crisp feeling in the air slowly ushered in by the change of season. Since we're still a bit off from sweater weather, though, I took full advantage of the weekend weather with a brunch date and a day in Central Park basking in the warm afternoon sunshine-and playing around with my film camera, which is making a reappearance in my life.

The people at Hobo International were kind enough to send over this Mariella bag, which is the perfect size to carry all my essentials for a day in the city. I'm also linking up with four other bloggers-Jessica, Laura, Lydia and Fran-to show you what those essentials are! Scroll down for a peek inside my bag.
Tee, Joana Avillez for Refinery29 || Pants, H&M (thanks, Jessica!) || Bag, Hobo Bags c/o
Sunglasses, Ray-Ban || Sandals, Kelsi Dagger (on sale!)
The great thing about the Mariella is it helps me to be a little bit more organized-if I'm carrying a tote, I just toss everything in, which can leave me digging for my keys in the dark (story of my life most nights!). I never leave home without my wallet, keys & phone, and during the day I usually toss in my planner (I know, I'm a nerd for still carrying one!), a notebook (Muji's are cheap and easy to carry) to jot down blog ideas and keep track of finances and other essentials, and a good book to read for the subway ride home. The Mariella fits my style perfectly, with a shoulder strap to keep me hands free when I'm lugging bags through the city and plenty of storage for the rest of my essentials.
I'm all over the place when it comes to beauty products, but I have a handful of essentials I can't leave home without. I've been carrying C. O. Bigelow's Rose Salve daily for almost ten years (!) and have been known to leave tins all over the place, from work to home to my parents' house, in case I need a quick fix-I kept so many at my college boyfriend's that he started buying them for me. I'm pretty minimal in my daily makeup routine, but I'm a huge fan of lip color and a little flush to the cheeks, so I keep a few options on hand for touch-ups. Having long hair requires some type of hair management on hand at all times, and a nail file is a must (these ones are $1 for a pack of three-I keep one tucked in my wallet and at my desk at work, too). All the little things tuck up nicely into a leather pouch so I'm not scrambling for them when I really need them!


  1. Love it! I carry a regular ol' planner in my work bag too. I'm just not ready to fully commit to an electronic calendar!

  2. Love this look! That bag is so great with it!

  3. love your pants + those sunnies! I just bought another pair of reflected lenses in gold - can't wait to try them out!

    The Style Scribe

  4. I really love a nice structured bag, and the contrasting red leather is a beautiful touch. Glad you were able to get so organized with it!

  5. I tend to carry my whole life in my bag! And I love those pants!
    xx lexi @ glitter, inc.

  6. Those pants look great on you! Happy to have passed them along! :)

    Also love that you're using the leather pouch I gave you! xo

  7. I love the pants! You're so neat with your bag, eventually my bag ends up looking like a mess.

    It was so nice meeting you at the Ann Taylor event. :)

    - Christine
    Petite Hues

  8. I love love your bag! & it's crazy because I bought that book the other day! ironic lol!

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  9. So cute! LOVE the pants... They look so comfy! :)