Saturday, October 6, 2012

Grown Up Pumpkins

Ok, I'll admit-I actually do kind of like Fall & Winter, if only for the decorating, DIY and craft possibilities! As a kid, I carved a pumpkin pretty much every October. The adult part of me still wants to roast the seeds, but I want my pumpkins to look prettier. I've rounded up some of my favorite carved & no carve pumpkin ideas.

Lattice-carved pumpkins, Flower pumpkins, Ribbon pumpkins & white pumpkins, all via Better Homes & Gardens. Other pumpkins via Pinterest.

There are so many cute, easy ways to dress up a pumpkin, from ribbons to glitter to leaves to flowers. Don't forget to make use of the pumpkin insides, either! My favorite thing to do is roast the seeds-this year I plan on roasted the insides, as well, so I have my own fresh pumpkin puree to use in all kinds of goodies.


  1. I love everything about this post! I've been Pinning away for pumpkin decorating plans. I'm thinking I'll buy a pumpkin this upcoming weekend.

    I've never baked my own pumpkin seeds before, but you've most certainly sparked my interest!

    1. It's super easy to do, and so yummy! Sometimes I just sea salt them, and sometimes I'll go for the cinnamon and sugar. I have friends who make them spicy but that's not my style.

  2. MMM Pumpkin seeds! Yum!

    Love the pumpkins and decor! I have been obsessing over Pinterest pumpkins lately!! :)


  3. Me too!! Let me know if you find some good ones, I think I'll be pumpkin shopping this weekend :)