Friday, October 26, 2012

Hot Fall Style Trends in NYC...guest post!

I'm happy to say Blonde in this City has its first guest post, from Alex at Alex's Journeys. She put together a great recap of fall fashion in New York City-it's definitely a different world when you get dressed here than it is in other places! 

Fall has arrived and New York City fashionistas could not be happier.  This season’s weather means clothes can be strategically layered both indoors and out. It is not yet cold enough for heavy coats that obscure figures and hide striking ensembles. Scarves are still worn for effect instead of warmth. Jackets and sweaters are reintroduced into wardrobes, and fashion becomes much more deliberate. Style doesn’t have to be sacrificed solely for comfort like it may be in hot summer months or an icy winter season. 

The style of those in Brooklyn brings a separate edge from chic Manhattan trends. The typical Brooklyn girl allows for form-fitting layers as a foundation for a layered look. As the weather gets cooler, they will trade their skimpier shorts for structured pants. The edgier end of the fashion spectrum is focused on angles this season. The pants are skintight and simple. Jackets end at the hips. The whole look is very androgynous. Both genders can wear this look well. Men will have an easier time, since this trend is not about flaunting curves. Women with shapely figures will have a harder time pulling off this look, but high heels add an advantage.

The upscale trendsetters in Manhattan are obsessed with flouncy A-line skater dresses. The skirts flare out dramatically and have been fashion favorites ever since Zooey Deschanel and the ladies of Mad Men reminded everyone that women can be feminine and sexy without showing a lot of skin. As long as the waist looks slim, everything else will fall into place. These flirty looks have become so popular recently that low-end retailers stock them at very affordable prices. This makes it easy for a financially cautious fashionista to try out an A-line silhouette without spending a lot of money. Skater dresses are available in all sorts of fabrics and patterns. When they are made out of high-quality fabrics and sewn with princess seams at the bust, they look formal, while short skater dresses in striped knit fabrics are cute and casual. The prevalence of flattering casual dresses allows for women to wear dresses in any occasion. 

With more of an edge, the girls in Tribeca are still wearing their neutral layers this fall. Now, they can incorporate chic leather jackets with wrap around scarves into their wardrobes. The fall weather keeps these young women looking stylishly windswept. This look translates well from the office to nightlife.

Alexandra is a travel enthusiast who loves to write about fashion, beaches, food, and the wonderful things in the world.  She provides her own insights on vacationing to the blogosphere.  If you would like to learn more about her, follow her @alexsjourneys on Twitter or visit her blog

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