Monday, October 1, 2012

The Cutest Pumpkins You'll Find All Fall

Can we take a minute to talk about pumpkins?

I myself am much more of a summer girl than any other season, but I do love the balmier, still warm-but-you-need-a-light-jacket days of fall (which means within a month I'll be much less happy with the weather), and my love of baking definitely encompasses all things pumpkin and spiced. While browsing one of my favorite blogs earlier, House of Turquoise (everything turquoise, which I adore-it's one of my all-time favorite colors), I stumbled across some amazing velvet pumpkins!!

Love Feast Shop Velvet Pumpkins

They come from the Love Feast shop (link above!) and all of them have a natural, organic stem. They start around $31 for single, smaller pumpkins and run up to $150 for a set like the one pictured above, the Pumpkin Harvest Large Set. The best part? House of Turquoise has a giveaway going on right now! You can bet I've already entered, but if I don't win I think I'll be getting the set below. Too cute to pass up, right?

Velvet Plush Turquoise Trio Set

I think a set will look fantastic on our side table in my living room. How do you decorate your place for the fall?

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