Monday, October 15, 2012

Michelle Chang Jewelry

Some of my readers may already know that I work for a costume/fashion jewelry company; one of the great parts of my job is the time I get to spend looking for inspiration and trends, where I often stumble across inspiring new sites, blogs, products and of my favorite finds to date is the jewelry of Michelle Chang, a former designer and artist who found her true calling in creating unique, beautiful fine jewelry (you can view her wonderful illustration portfolio here).

Her favorite piece of mine is her elephant design, as they're my favorite animal! Unfortunately I haven't been able to squeeze buying anything into my budget yet, but the number of times I visit her Etsy shop every month tells me it's going to happen. Check out some more of my favorites, like the tiny skulls and the little umbrella that reminds me of home, currently in her shop below.

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all images via Etsy


  1. OHMYGOD. That elephant ring is too adorable! They're my favorite animal so I'm always such a sucker for anything with their design.

    1. They're mine as well! I have a lot of various elephant things, but not much jewelry. I think this ring needs to be my elephant staple!