Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Hostess Gifts-Under $50!

Your immediate family, extended family, close friends, co-workers...gift buying lists can get long, fast! Sometimes it can be hard to find time to squeeze in a gift for your host(ess) when attending a party; these great finds are all under $50!

You can never go wrong with a small home item (colored glass votives, or handblown vase, anyone?). Scented soaps are a simple & appreciated gift any time of year, and-let's take a minute to talk about those champagne flutes!! I love the solid, sturdy base, perfect for those friends with slippery fingers once they're a glass (or two!) in.

The best tip I've heard this season? Keep a small basket of giftable items around (and I think this should be any time of year-not just the holidays!) and you'll have something on hand even when you're dashing out the door at the last minute. 

Holiday Gift Cards, Terrain | Animal Calendar, west elm | Colored Glass Votives, C. Wonder
Grapefruit soap, fresh | Chalkboard Canister, Crate & Barrel | Aqua Handblown Vase, Tosel and Glass
Vintage Cocktails book, Amazon | Penguin Dessert Plates, west elm | Verve Flute, Crate & Barrel

I think I'll be picking up a few of those flutes for myself-New Year's Eve party, anyone?