Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Home of the Week: Vibrant Color, Flatiron District

**I'm setting a new goal, to bring you one home, place, room, etc. that I really love, each week. What better day than Wednesday? It is the middle of the week & we could all use a boost from a gorgeous space to get us to Friday!**

This week's home comes from Drake Design Associates; a beautiful, colorful space in the Flatiron District of NYC. If I haven't made it clear yet, there is a huge chunk of my personality that adores rich, bright colors. My winter coat is vibrantly yellow, and when combined with my long and very blonde hair I may as well be wearing a strobe around my neck in the winter, especially in this city of dark clothes and dark hair. There are other parts of my personality devoted to modern lines, clean spaces and that ever-lovable French-country-chic. They'll manifest later, don't you worry. 

I've been extremely attracted to the oft-underrated color purple lately (royalty, anyone?), especially that bright jewel-tone it can take on (as spotted on this magnificent turquoise couch in SoHo last weekend). The beauty in these rooms comes from their bold use of unusual colors, graphic patterns and clean lines.

Lastly, as every good design junkie knows, it's all about the details...and does it get any better than having a Chuck Close hanging in your apartment??

The pops of teal really pull everything together for me (that, and the yellow bedroom!). Getting my head out of the clouds now, and filing this home away as inspiration for later. 



  1. I have that first picture pinned on Pinterest and I LOVE IT! I would love to make a room look like that with some fun artwork!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

    1. Me too!! and-that purple?!? So incredible and unexpected!

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