Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays to all!

There are many reasons I have been out of touch these last few weeks, the final one involving my travel plans and the extreme delays they suffered for the holidays. I am finally home in Des Moines & snug in my bed, having been blessed to spend time with family & friends since my arrival.

I am so thankful for every opportunity I've had this year, especially the amazing people I've met who've only begun to impact my life. I can't wait to see what next year will bring! I am thankful to you, whoever you are, reading this, for giving me inspiration. May you be blessed in all your days to come, too.

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I'll be back later this week with regular posts & all the things I need to catch you up on!


P.S. It's cold and snowy here, so the image above seemed so fitting! Winter wonderland.