Monday, December 10, 2012

Small Gifts...for Her!

I leave for home in less than two weeks, and I finally have my focus on gift-giving!

As much as I'd love to share some of my real pics for the lovely ladies in my life, I don't want to give anything away before they get their instead, I've rounded up some of my other favorite small items (and maybe one not so small painting) to gift any woman in your life. be it a mom, sister, friend, all under $100.

C. Wonder Tote, $78, comes in five classic colors to store everything needed for a holiday party
Fresh Sugar Gift Set , $28, has three of their mainstay products for the beauty product lover
Julep Winter Collection 2012, $34, includes classic red & gold with some of the season's hottest colors
luluanddrew Metallic Confetti Painting, $81, adds a shiny pop of art to a room (16x20)
west elm Figurative Owl Mug, $10, cute & cozy, perfect for tea, coffee or hot cocoa on any cold day
D. S. and Durga Poppy Rouge Perfume, $94, crafted in small batches & full of beautiful floral scents
reWined Champagne Candle, $28, makes any room smell like a party (I have the riesling right now!)
Zara Combination Knit Gloves, $25.90, sleek, classic, warm...what more could you ask for?
Baublebar Hexa Bangle (Emerald/Azure), $24 each, spices up an arm party with rich color



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