Friday, January 25, 2013

Another Week, Another Weekend

I can't believe how fast this week has gone by! I suppose it was helped along by taking off work Monday for the inauguration, but that'll all be made up for by having to spend Saturday in the office. Oh, well. These next few weeks will be a whirlwind of ups & downs with a lot of long days, but the last bits of my busy days ahead include fashion week, which means hanging out with some fellow bloggers and wearing all the fabulous things I own & never wear in everyday, office life! I think that's something to look forward to. 

I wanted to include the picture above while I could still get away with it, because once this cold week is gone from NYC I'll have warm weather forever on my mind until spring's arrival. I'll never cop to liking snow or the cold, but it can make for some incredibly serene images. Here's a few of the other things that were on my radar this week:

This Echo Design scarf after I photographed it on my friend Jessica recently. 

In a city like New York, everything you wear defines you, even your headphones. How cool would these be to rock everyday

After my high school years, I shied away from printed T's for a while, but I've fallen in love with several lately like this one, this one and this one (from blogger Meg Biram's own shop!).

This great article about learning when to say "no" in your career.

Holographic makeup bags from Sephora. 

Social site to watch in 2013? Forbes says Tumblr! (speaking of, I just claimed Blonde in this City's tumblr. Lots of updates coming soon).

Speaking of social media, this is the blog to be following if you're looking for honest career advice.

Mackenzie Horan (owner of adorable, chic online boutique Design Darling) recently moved to NYC reached out to her readers for things to do & places to see. They have some great suggestions that even I need to check out. 

What caught your eye this week? Share in the comments!

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