Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Home of the Week: A Color Crush in Purple

I keep coming back to homes filled with vibrant color layered over a neutral base. If you'd asked me ten years ago, or even five, I would have told you I prefer bright colors-saturated paint and colorful trim. As I've matured, (I like to think) my style sense has, too.

The sleek, modern neutrals used as the foundation for this home in Spain allow the wash of purple accessories & accents to stand out. Using different shades of the same color makes the home feel cohesive, down to the artwork in black & white throughout (like the little coasters with pictures of Paris-my favorite!).

Hello, pop of citrus!

Bonjour, Paris!

How gorgeous is that back wall? I love the idea of a chalkboard wall filled with big, bold words that inspire me. Simple & to the point!

*all images via'll slowly come to light over the next few months, but I'm planning on a complete re-do of my room this spring, possibly moving into a bigger room in my apartment! Thinking purple will be one of my accent's just too gorgeous not to include!

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