Monday, January 14, 2013

The Elephant in the Room

Since before I can even remember, elephants have long been my favorite animal. I've collected variations of them since childhood, had a Babar blanket and watched Dumbo, according to my mother, every day (I wasn't big on Disney princesses, in case you hadn't guessed).

Between my birthday and Christmas, I usually end up with several different gifts related to my love of these incredible animals, & this year was no exception! Jessica gave me an adorable elephant key ring during a secret Santa gift exchange & my friend Steve gifted me with screen printed pillowcases that will be making a center-stage appearance when I re-do my room decor this spring...I can't wait to share my ideas with all you as that idea progresses!

When I'm looking for an elephant to add to my collection now, I look for something unique-like an unusual color, shape, size, material or pose. I've picked up several from the Brooklyn Flea over the last few months, including a new brass figurine & another metal one I'll be painting in the near future while at the flea yesterday (seen center and right below).

I rounded up some of my favorites from around the web, including a ring from Michelle Chang, an already familiar keychain and a lamp I've been lusting over for months. Don't forget-an upturned trunk always brings good luck :)

(clockwise) Dish, C. Wonder |  Silver Elephant, Dwell Studio | Gold Elephant, Furbish
Baby Elephant Ring (more colors) Michelle Chang | Rug, Urban Outfitters 
Key Ring, C. Wonder | Gift Tags, Rifle Paper Co

You can never have too many of these beautiful creatures in your life (I'm still waiting for a real one as a present, Steve). Anybody want to buy me a lamp?



  1. Ahh I want the silver and gold elephants! Too cute!

    1. Me too! It's not a bad thing if I buy both, right? I mean, they need friends too :)

  2. Love the elephants you picked up this weekend!