Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cozy Knits

I picked up this chunky knit Zara sweater right before the holidays during the start of their Autumn/Winter sale...and then I basically lived in it for the next 10 days. I'm only half joking-it was so cold when I was home in Iowa that once I put it on, I didn't want to take it off! Since then, I've worn in it different combinations probably once a week & it was a key layering piece to staying warm during the inauguration yesterday. 

Sweater, Zara | Jeans, Joe's Jeans | Shoes, Zara

My favorite way to wear this sweater has been with my long, pave horn necklace from Sequin. The crystals sparkle incredibly bright against the off-white knit. This jet alternative adds a Victorian-era appeal.

Lipstick, NARS Matte in Carthage | Necklace, borrowed from Tracy

Thanks for taking my pictures Jessica!



  1. I love Zara sales too! Very cute outfit :)

    1. I love them-my bank account does not! Can't be helped, though :) Thanks!


  2. Okay, could you be any cuter? Absolutely loving this entire outfit!
    xo TJ

  3. I'm really diggin those boots!

    1. Thanks, me too! I had my eye on them for months before I decided to go for it...they went on sale two weeks later, I swear!


  4. You're so adorable. xx

  5. Love that sweater... Kind of wishing I bought it when I tried it on!

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