Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dream Home: Brooklyn Living

A more appropriate title to today's dream home would probably be Brooklyn Living, Part One of Many. The more time I spend in Brooklyn exploring all the little neighborhoods, the more I can see myself living there at some point. For those of you wondering, I currently live just outside Manhattan in Queens in a neighborhood I love-it's quiet, easy to get just about anywhere in the city from here and most any kind of restaurant or shop I could need is nearby. Brooklyn has its charms, though, as much as I would probably judge myself for moving there. I think as long as I steer clear of Williamsburg/Greenpoint, I wouldn't be too much of a hipster, right??

This space sums up so many things that I love about Brooklyn architecture. The home is incredibly unique and was renovated from an old garage by Mesh Architecture, with the main rooms inside leading to the center outdoor terrace complete with a deck made from boards salvaged from Coney Island. You can read more of the story behind the apartment here.

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  1. Beautiful houses! I would love to live there as well and have a house like that.


  2. Brooklyn, huh? Well I could live HERE! :-)

  3. I love how the front of the house is totally unassuming - what a hidden gem!

  4. Oh my gosh! Amazing digs!!!! Love how open they made such a small space feel.


  5. You're getting me so excited about my big move to NYC tomorrow!!

    Brooke du jour