Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dream Home: Island Living

Our dream homes lately have been coming from all over the world, but today's dream home is the definitely of a dream home (even Elle Decor thinks so, too!). I spent a little time catching up on magazine reading last weekend and stumbled across this gem in a recent issue of Elle Decor. One of my roommates came home about ten minutes later and I immediately asked him how he felt about moving to Santorini. His response? "Yes! When can we go?". I'm so glad my roomies & I are on the same page, even if our finances are not.

The story behind this house is rich in detail and history (to view the entire tour, visit the link at the bottom of this post!). The sailor who came across it while diving one day knew he had to purchase and restore it, and he certainly did the beauty of Santorini justice. I can't even imagine how jaw dropping the view must be from any of the bedroom windows-and being able to walk right out the door and jump into the water? Bliss.

To view more images and read about the incredible story behind this house, catch the whole online article here.

P.S.-Happy May (the best month)!


  1. wow, wouldnt you juts LOVE to live here!!!

  2. Wow, this is stunning. Such a cool story!