Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Link Love

Happy Friday! This week has felt impossibly long and I spent most of Thursday thinking it was Friday (that's what I get for being on very little sleep the last few weeks. I also have experienced several instances of evening naps lately where I wake up thinking it's the next morning....oops!). I'm headed to Googa Mooga this weekend for the second year, starting with the kickoff concert tonight. After that, it'll be a lot of cleaning & laundry to prep for my mom visiting over my birthday next weekend! Here's hoping there's lots of sunshine and fun planned wherever you are this weekend, too. 

Just this morning, Ashley posted a link to this post on the rain room at MoMA-I am completely dying inside to go, especially since I tried to make it to the swing exhibit but missed it. 

The shampoo debate: how often do you wash your hair? Victoria wrote about how she's considering the no-poo route, inspired by Sarah. Jessie and Liz have also shared their tips and tricks to going up to two weeks in between washes! Would you try it? I'm currently at five days and feeling pretty good!

There's nothing quite like a cloth napkin (like these adorable ones, on sale!) for summer gatherings. 

The beaded flamingo clutch I've been obsessing over at Anthropologie went on sale this week.

My best friend moved to Phoenix last week, and since we're both gin & tonic drinkers I think this print will make a fantastic housewarming gift!

I discovered Seen Heard Known this week and proceeded to lose myself in their site for several hours.

A lot of my mornings walking to work are starting to look like this and I love it. 

Jacey posted her summer sun staples and I want everything on her list (that I'm not already using)!

I got my first whif of Hermès Jour perfume a few weeks ago and I have been lusting after a bottle ever since (birthday present, anyone?). 

Some of my current blog favorites:

TGIF, everyone!

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  1. as much as I love evening naps, there are very few things worse than waking up in a panic thinking it's the next day. or laying down for a "little while" and waking up in the middle of the night. have so MUCH FUN at googa mooga. [jealous] happy weekend! xo - chels @

  2. looks delicious! :*

  3. So glad to have found your blog Rose and thank you for reading Bluebonnets for Sal!!! =) xx S