Thursday, May 23, 2013

Birthday Dreaming

I've never been one to make a fuss about my birthday with big celebrations, parties or much of a plan at all. I have been lucky enough to spend some birthdays in amazing locations like Chicago, Italy and Las Vegas (twice!), but this year it'll be a low-key day with my mom, showing her my favorite non-tourist places like the botanical gardens and flea markets. With everything that happened in my family at the beginning of year, followed by some incredibly hectic weeks of work, I kind of almost forgot about my birthday or what I'd even want! I know I'm lucky enough to be getting one thing on this list & hopefully a great day at the beach soon, but I also included a few *dream* things I want (like a new camera, a gorgeous yellow 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli bag and the not-pictured things like getting my dog to NYC & a trip to Paris). As you get older, your wish list gets considerably shorter & a lot more adult-like some new tupperware & dishes, someone to pay your cell phone bill for a month & a maid service for a day to thoroughly clean your apartment. Dream big, right? :)

Oh, and for good measure, if anyone can somehow get me THIS for my birthday we'll become the best of friends, and I'll return the favor with something equally amazing on yours. Happy almost weekend!


  1. Love your choices! Those shoes are to die for! Hope you get your wishes!

  2. ohh i would love a new camera as well! love all of these items on your list but love the last one you mentioned the most of course ;)

    and it's so true, the stuff or types of stuff we wish for four our birthdays changes so much as we grow up!


  3. Trip to Paris...yes!
    Nail polish, camera and bag please!

  4. Aw hope you have a wonderful birthday! Loving that purse - it's gorgeous!

    xox Lara

  5. Wishing you such a happy and special birthday! Your blog is so lovely!