Monday, July 1, 2013

Snapshots from Mexico

You know that feeling when you get back from vacation, where you know it wasn't all that long ago but the miles between you and that place make it feel like an untouchable memory? Yeah, I'm feeling that right now. It's only been a week since my last full day on the beach but it's kind of feeling like a dream! In an attempt to stay steeped in the memories, I'm sharing a few snaps from my week with you here (wedding pictures & a little of what I wore to follow!). 
 Wearing: Pickwick & Weller tee | Shorts | J.C. Penney Aviators | Kate Spade bag
Those last few (before the iguana!) are from the ruins of Tulum and the beautiful, rocky beach there. While it was incredibly hot and humid the day we went, I tried to enjoy it as much as I could! It's astounding to think of the civilization that called the very land you were standing on home so many thousands of years ago. Despite thousands of tourists visiting each week, the beach stays pristine and breathtaking-I can only imagine its beauty back when the Mayans used it as a trading port. I'm not really sure what was going on in the photo second from bottom, other than that a man was sitting on top of that pole playing traditional music and they slowly started to drop down as the ropes unwound.

I've got a few more photos from my trip, including a peek at the beautiful bride my cousin made, but in my heart-until next time, Mexico!


  1. Ohhh gorgeous! What a great trip!

  2. Looks absolutely beautiful!

  3. Ugh this looks so incredible. Im so jealous, I miss the beach so much!

  4. really great pictures, wish I could be at the beach right now!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  5. WOW! All these shots are breathe taking! I adore beaches and Mexico and traveling in general. :) On Friday I'm headed to Baja California, Mexico because my sister that lives there is getting married. I can't wait for some real tacos to stuff my belly with! :)


  6. Very jealous of your Mexico snaps! The beaches look beauuutiful.

    xx, Bubbly in Brooklyn

  7. I love visiting Mexico! Honestly, probably one of my favorite places to relax. Looks like you had a fabulous time!