Monday, March 17, 2014

Kicking It

It's official—I'm becoming something of a sneakerhead. Back in the day, I was an avid collector of all things Converse (most of which literally fell apart while I was wearing them. #grungekid). The turquoise Supras you see here are my latest acquisition, although not everyone is a convert; my roommate told me they were only okay if I wear them to SoulCycle (hey, I do wear them to Soul...and to meet friends for brunch...and to work when I'm feeling lazy. So sue me).

Also, I might not be wearing any green in these pictures but trust that I'm wearing it in person today; 
my last name is a dead-giveaway for being Irish and I really don't want to be pinched if I can help it! 
Scroll down for details on an amazing gift card giveaway in honor of the holiday, too :)
Zappos is giving away a $317 gift card to one lucky winner today for 3/17! The Zappos Gold Rush Icon will appear on a new item on Zappos ever hour today between 11a-11p EST—simply click the icon to enter! They'll be posting clues on their Facebook page, but I'll give you one clue right now—all 12 items are green (duh). While you're over there, feel free to make a wishlist of what you'd use the $317 on. I'm eyeing these sneakers, this bag or these sunnies in yellow!  
Supra Sneakers || Zara Tote (Similar) || Catbird and WWAKE rings || Sequin Jewelry Collar

Photos by Emily Tozer


  1. Ohh fun giveaway! Thanks for sharing xx

  2. You make these sneakers look so cool - I may be feeling inspired to get mine out, I always struggle to style them!
    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Those sneakers are awesome, Rose. You need to help me get an edge. LOVE this look!


  4. the jeans are awesome! <3 xoxo

  5. really nice style!!! those sneakers are gorgeous<3