Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekly Wants

I'm kicking this week off with Weekly Wants, because I'm nothing if not unreliable (and the faithful visitors to this site know that Weekly Wants appears anything but weekly). I'm honestly a little impressed I managed to get something together in time for the week, despite a very low-key weekend filled with errand running, early-ish bedtimes and finding a bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding. Last night was spent watching—what else—the Oscars! If we've met in real life, you've likely been privy to my excitement for the season, and unlike most of my female counterparts, it's not because of the fashion (but I'm still a sucker for a pretty dress).  For several years now, a good friend of mine and I have made it a point to watch all the best picture nominees and then some before the ceremony each year; this year, I finished in record time and managed to sneak in several others that were outliers during awards season. I also promised to stay off Twitter, but let'sbehonest, Twitter was made for awards shows—and there were some great tweets, like Ellen's epic selfie group photo (and my favorite altered version where Kevin Spacey was face-swapped onto everyone!) and this Mean Girl's reference to Lupita's win. Also, let's not forget the real theme of the night.

I also swear that I didn't intentionally include so many metallics in today's post because of the Awards, but it's kind of nice it worked out that way, no?

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  1. Happy Monday! I couldn't watch the ceremony, was too late for me :( but I saw today Ellen's epic photo :) I liked the gilded bangle, the novel and the sandals. fab! Have a lovely week! <3 xoxo

  2. I'm loving the MAB tote so cute for spring and summer! I also loved the group selfie at the Oscars. Ellen made the Oscar feel like relaxed like a big party!

  3. Ohhhh I want all of these too! That little watermelon bag is the cutest :) x

  4. Awesome picks!! I love that chalkboard map! Also digging the ampersand tee.