Sunday, March 9, 2014

Link Love

Weeks and weeks of links have been piling up around me (figuratively speaking), so I thought I'd make some attempts to get organized and share a few with you today after a rather slow weekend. I kicked it off with a sick day on Friday after I started getting headaches last week, which I attributed to trying to cut back on my sugar intake, but by Thursday night it became apparent I was actually ill. I'm slightly impressed it's taken me this long, as I didn't catch a single nasty cold all winter *pauses to knock on wood*. I've never taken a sick day in all my adult life (let's be honest, college doesn't count), so it was hard to remember that I needed to slow down and rest...until I passed out for several hours Friday afternoon. Here's hoping the mixed up sleep from daylight saving time gets cancelled out by the extra sleep I got this weekend.

We all want to be J. Law's best friend, but it looks like the role is already filled—by one funny lady named Laura Simpson, who blogged about her Oscar experience.

Hallie wrote a great post that reminded me of a lesson Hilary taught us at Pepperologie last spring—it's okay to live your life in seasons!

My new-found sneaker kick has me dying to get these open work ones for spring/summer.

I'm not quite ready to let winter go without snagging this coat on super-sale, though.

Sorry, sugar addiction, I'm not kicking you anytime soon—thanks to this gooey cinnamon roll with cream cheese icing recipe!

Poncho is my new favorite tech-find; they text you one to two times a day (when you get up and when you leave work) with weather and transit updates. Side of sass, included!

My next apartment will absolutely have a slab table.

Winter has given me cabin fever and the plethora of vacation pics on my instagram feed hasn't helped—and neither has this list of amazing beaches around the world.

Victoria wrote an amazing post on how to use Todoist. I'm planning to download it this week to get organized!

I'm a bit of a nut for random facts about the old days of NYC, and a friend knew how to pique my interest by sending me this link to subway-naming history!

I desperately need some new sandals for summer and I think I've found the first pair I'm going to get.

Speaking of, how cute are the evil-eye sandals at Loeffler Randall right now?

Longing to go to Australia & stay in this beautiful rental house.

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