Thursday, March 27, 2014

Flow-y Neutrals // Getting Inspired

 I don't know about you, but the winter-that-never-ends has put me in a serious style rut. I reach for the same sweaters, jeans and shoes day after day in an effort to stay warm and not be completely miserable, but the slowly climbing temps have me determined to change things up (Unless you run into me this week, in which case it will be pretty obvious I've been getting dressed from the pile of clothes always at the end of my bed. Is it Friday yet? Almost?). A lazy morning browsing Pinterest led me to this pin and I immediately realized I could replicate the look in my own way, thanks to this flow-y, pleated white skirt I usually save for hot summer days. I even played around in another pleated skirt while shopping at Bloomingdale's recently, mostly while avoiding orange-dress shopping for my sister's impending nuptials.

Paired with one of those go-to sweaters and a few of my favorite accessories—including my new favorite shoes!—and I was good to go. Now, if only that wind would die down for spring, too...

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  1. I love the way how you combined the khaki jacket and the white maxi dress, you look fabulous! <3

  2. Those boots are pretty awesome!

  3. Great outfit. Love the ray ban sunglasses.

  4. I ADORE these photos. Beautiful. How does your hair look gorgeous in every single photo you take? Let's switch. Perfect. Thanks. ;)


  5. I.LOVE.THIS.!!!!!!!!!! I love the styling! SO fun! The boots and sunnies are so rad! love love love