Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Blue and Yellow

 I know it's only Tuesday, but does it feel more like it should be closer to Friday to anyone else? Somehow the first half of this month has already flown by and the second half is completely packed full—I won't even be in NYC for the upcoming two weekends (follow me on instagram if you want to see where I'm headed). By the time all that's done & over with I'll be another year older and summer will pretty much be upon us! I don't really have words to contain my excitement, but I do hope that I can get a little color on my ghostly white legs before then—and hopefully avoid another incident like yesterday, where I slipped crossing 7th Avenue and banged up my knee pretty bad....while flashing everyone on the street because I was in a dress. Happy Monday, right? 

Thankfully, these photos were taken before drinks with a friend after work last week—no ghostly white legs or bruised knees in sight. Oh, and if you want to see why I'm laughing so hard in the third picture...scroll down to the bottom for a little gem.
Zara Coat (there's a blue verison, too!)  || 7 For All Mankind Coated Jeans (similar) || Madewell Linen Bike Tee

My friend Ainsley & I had been talking about how I'm always making stupid faces or waving my hands around when my picture is being taken...so she managed to snap this gem, looked at it, and proceeded to laugh, loudly, at me while telling me I looked dumb (and because of the guy we managed to get passing me). Ensuing laughs on my end happened, too!


  1. I just picked up this coat...Obsessed with it!


  2. Love this look- the gorgeous color combo and such a great bag! And of course the awesome candid shots;)


  3. Love that jacket! It's such a perfect shade of yellow.


  4. Love the combination of blue and yellow! Outfit pictures are always tricky when people are around, and I can't imagine trying to take them on the busy streets of nyc! You look fab!

  5. Beautiful outfit, love the yellow coat!

  6. Pretty pop of yellow!
    xo Courtney

  7. Love the spring yellow on you!